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1. Make Your Project Simple and Compelling

Make certain people understand what your campaign is all about. You're likely to be more successful if you're fundraising for something that people can really relate to. Get personal in your text. And don’t make the text too long because like this page, people will probably only read the first paragraph. Your goal is to make people feel really guilty if they read your text and don’t press the big orange Donate button.

2. Donate to your own Project

It'll be so much easier to get your friends, family, co-workers and people you don’t like that much to donate if you set an example and make the first donation to your project. You should expect everyone to donate the same amount you're donating so if you want people to donate $50 don't donate $15 yourself.

3. Ask For Donations

Message everyone in the world by Email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use the Share button on your project page to make it happen or just use your own email program and include a link to your project page. Send at least 3 messages to everyone you’ve ever met. Your first email should just be about asking people to donate. The second two can be about updating everyone on how your project is going, thanking everyone for supporting you, and then be sure to explain how if everyone just gives $25 more (or whatever number is right for your project), you’ll hit your goal and you really need everyone to help.

4. Set a Fundraising Goal and Create Urgency

Fundraising Goals and Deadlines to Give create urgency. Update your contacts on how close you are to hitting your goal and keep asking them for help. Use your Deadline to Give date to create a sense of urgency, which gets people to donate instead of putting it off for another day.

5. Say Thank You (And Make it so Nice They Cry)

Thank everyone who donates to you and tell 'em how their money is being used so they really feel a part of your fundraising campaign. If you want to be one of the great fundraisers, thank people as quickly as possible. If you do it well, they’ll be shocked at how quickly you thanked them, be super impressed with how much of a difference their donation can make, and they might not only donate again, they’ll likely tell their friends about your project. Nothing better than when your fundraiser goes viral.

6. Post Lots of Photos

Make sure you have photos on your Project Page so your supporters can instantly relate to the cause you’re fighting for and so they can see the amazing work you’re doing to give back. People will look through your photos and if they see what you already know to be true, they will feel compelled to give. As a side note, you should also put a photo of yourself on your Profile Page. If you need advice on whether your hair looks good in your Profile photo, email us anytime at It’s one of the many services we offer at Crowdrise.

7. Use Our Prizes to Get People to Donate

You should be able to get people to donate more than once. Don’t feel bad about it. You’re raising money for a cause that’s super important (at least we think you are) and you should feel free to bother your contacts at least 3 times. Use our Best Promos Ever to get your more self-interested friends to donate. For example, maybe I already gave $100 to your fundraising project but then you send an email saying you’re $2000 from reaching your goal and anyone that donates $11 will be entered to win an Apple iPad thanks to Crowdrise. You should be able to get at least 1 in 3 of your friends to donate more than once.

8. Get Your Friends to Join Your Team

Tell your friends and family to go to your Project Page and click Join The Team so they can message their own friends and help you raise some money. If your friends don't help you then you don't have to be nice to 'em for the next 17 days. Just like a marathon team comes together to raise money for charity, on Crowdrise, you can have anyone Join your Team and help you reach your goal. It’s really important that you inspire your team members to reach out to their contacts and ask for donations.

9. Take Your Campaign Viral

Post your project on Facebook at least once a week, and use your status box at the top of your Project Page to sync your page with your Twitter account. If you can't figure out how to make it happen please ask someone in middle school to help you. Whether you sync your status box to Twitter or not though, definitely use your Status Box at the top of your Project page to update people about your fundraiser, post promotions (see Best Promos Ever) and thank people that just donated. The more you’re involved in your campaign and update your Crowdrise status message, the more your supporters will follow your campaign and stay involved.

10. Did We Mention You Need to Ask for Donations?

I know we already said it three times but building your project page is just one step. To really have an impact, you need to contact everyone you know, ask your friends to contact everyone they know, and spread the word about your project in your community, on social networking sites, in your email signature, at community meetings, and whatever other creative ideas you come up with to let everyone know you are trying to make a difference for a really important cause and you want them to give a little cash money. Don’t feel bad asking. The charities on Crowdrise do work that saves lives and you’re a part of that. Make your friends feel a part of it too.

11. Number 11

They asked us to have 11 recommendations.