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SUPPORT THESE FUNDRAISERS OR START YOUR OWN. Instead of donating $100 to one fundraiser you may want to consider finding five amazing fundraisers and give $20 to each of 'em. Or, do what I do and give $21 to anyone who doesn't have a single spelling mistake on their page.

Europa Salon and Spa's Poudre Plung...


2% Raised of $5,000 Goal

Gila Rut

$75 Raised


$60 Raised

Coronado Bliss

$55 Raised

Earth Month 2017 - Aveda Towson Tow...


2% Raised of $2,000 Goal

Elias Goes to Ghana


0% Raised of $3,500 Goal

Get clean water to Northern Ghana-S...


0% Raised of $3,500 Goal

Zandi K Earth Month 2017


0% Raised of $4,000 Goal

Victoria Gardens EC 2017


0% Raised of $3,185 Goal

Cinta Aveda Institute Earth Month


24% Raised of $21,000 Goal

AVEDA SSP Cleans Living Water


0% Raised of $2,500 Goal