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Jacob Fry's Fundraiser:

Please Contribute to the Families of the Fallen Dallas Police Officers

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Dan Patrick wrote -

The murder of five police officers last week in Dallas will stay with us forever -- and it should, because we must never forget the ultimate sacrifice they made protecting others.

The officers who were killed in Dallas were fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. I visited the wounded in the hospital immediately following the shootings and watched as the gurneys of the fallen passed by and their fellow officers stood frozen in salute. Those images will remain etched in my memory forever.

These men left families wives and children behind. One officer had just been married two weeks ago. On a family visit the day after the shootings, one officer’s children wondered what would happen to them now with their dad gone. Would they lose their home? I told them that would not happen.

The state has a program to help the families of fallen officers and there are other funds as well to assist, but they are now facing a lifetime ahead without a major provider for the family.

In every city in Texas and America, a few thousand police protect millions every day. Now is time for all of us to stand tall and demonstrate our support and respect for the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line for us and our communities by helping their families.

I ask you to join Jan and me in honoring the fallen officers in Dallas by making a contribution which will be given to a Dallas Police organization formed to help the families of fallen and wounded officers.

Jan and I are starting off with a contribution of $5,000. Please contribute whatever you can afford and keep these families in your prayers.


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