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Examples of Past Fundraiser Ideas We Love

  • Thousands of people across the world have used athletic events (marathons, Tough Mudders, Ironmans, bike rides, fishing tournaments, etc) to raise money for their favorite causes. Fundraising around sporting events like these are a great way to get involved in your community, stay active and raise some serious cash for organizations that need it most.

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  • Do you have a loved one with an ailment whose treatment is hitting their pocketbook particularly hard? Plenty of people have raised money that go directly to alleviating the strain of high medical bills of their friends and family. Lots of CrowdRisers have also raised money for foundations and organizations that focus on finding cures for diseases - from very rare ones to broader cancer treatment solutions.

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  • Not only do we encourage you to think outside the box when planning your fundraiser, we encourage you to metaphorically blow up the box and get wildly creative. Think about your unique skills, talents and interests and imagine how you can leverage those to make a truly one-of-a-kind fundraiser. The guy who unicycled across the country and the dudes who go to concerts of bands they hate while sober, just so that they can raise money for MS, can be your muses.

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  • From fundraising for music programs at your local elementary school to sourcing money to provide indoor plumbing at schools in developing countries, there is no shortage of ways to support children in their most formative places: schools and learning centers.

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  • Of all the powerful and amazing ways that people around the world are using CrowdRise to raise money for the causes they care about, seeing how kids use the platform is often the most fascinating. They're fundraising to help other children battling diseases, to end hunger halfway around the world and so much more. And they’re always pushing the envelope and coming up with new and innovative ways to use CrowdRise to give back.

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  • One thing that more and more people are doing is donating their birthday. While this may sound weird, it’s actually quite simple: instead of getting gifts for their birthday, they ask loved ones to donate to their CrowdRise campaign instead. This way, people can still show the birthday boy or girl how much they care, but instead of giving them something they don’t actually need, they can give some money to a cause near and dear to their loved one’s heart.

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  • People are always looking for ways to make their weddings unique, and one aspect that’s been traditionally overlooked is innovation around the wedding registry. And that's why charity wedding registries are so cool. To help make this easier, CrowdRise has teamed up with the wedding wizards at The Knot to create a simple way for people to have their friends and family give to charity instead of giving traditional wedding gifts.

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  • A powerful way of honoring the passing of a friend or loved one, or paying tribute to a veteran or hero in your life, is by raising money around a cause that they were passionate about. It’s a great way to remember someone who you were very close with and to help add to the legacy that they left behind.

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  • Events often happen (think the Flint water crisis or an earthquake in Pakistan) where money is needed urgently. When you hear about these things in the news, and one of them really resonates with you, you should head to CrowdRise and see if other people are raising money for it. If there are, and you like what they’re doing, consider raising money on their behalf. But if there aren’t other people raising money for relief, then you can start your own fundraiser and make a real impact on people that need it most.

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  • If raising money basked in the soft glow of your laptop or phone doesn’t fully satisfy your philanthropic urges, then you should look into charities or organizations that you can fundraise for while also volunteering for them. So many places are under resourced and would love to have someone who is helping out at events as well as fundraising for them online.

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  • Find amazing causes from our incredible community of Decent Humans

Found your inspiration?

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Are you feeling inspired yet? Are you ready to start fundraising and hit the ground running with one of your fantastic ideas? How exciting. The next step is to take a look at our easy fundraising tips below so you have everything you need to start raising money and making an impact for a cause that is dear to your heart.

10 Fundraising Ideas That Really Work

  1. Make Your Project Simple and Compelling

    Make certain people understand what your campaign is all about. You're likely to be more successful if you're fundraising for something that people can really relate to. Get personal in your text. And don’t make the text too long because like this page, people will probably only read the first paragraph. Your goal is to make people feel really guilty if they read your text and don’t press the big orange Donate button.

  2. Donate to your own Project

    It'll be so much easier to get your friends, family, co-workers and people you don’t like that much to donate if you set an example and make the first donation to your project. You should expect everyone to donate the same amount you're donating so if you want people to donate $50 don't donate $15 yourself.

  3. Ask For Donations

    Message everyone in the world by Email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use the Share button on your project page to make it happen or just use your own email program and include a link to your project page. Send at least 3 messages to everyone you’ve ever met. Your first email should just be about asking people to donate. The second two can be about updating everyone on how your project is going, thanking everyone for supporting you, and then be sure to explain how if everyone just gives $25 more (or whatever number is right for your project), you’ll hit your goal and you really need everyone to help.

  4. Set a Fundraising Goal and Create Urgency

    Fundraising Goals and Deadlines to Give create urgency. Update your contacts on how close you are to hitting your goal and keep asking them for help. Use your Deadline to Give date to create a sense of urgency, which gets people to donate instead of putting it off for another day.

  5. Say Thank You (And Make it so Nice They Cry)

    Thank everyone who donates to you and tell 'em how their money is being used so they really feel a part of your fundraising campaign. If you want to be one of the great fundraisers, thank people as quickly as possible. If you do it well, they’ll be shocked at how quickly you thanked them, be super impressed with how much of a difference their donation can make, and they might not only donate again, they’ll likely tell their friends about your project. Nothing better than when your fundraiser goes viral.

  6. Post Lots of Photos

    Make sure you have photos on your Project Page so your supporters can instantly relate to the cause you’re fighting for and so they can see the amazing work you’re doing to give back. People will look through your photos and if they see what you already know to be true, they will feel compelled to give. As a side note, you should also put a photo of yourself on your Profile Page. If you need advice on whether your hair looks good in your Profile photo, email us anytime at It’s one of the many services we offer at CrowdRise.

  7. Get Your Friends to Join Your Team

    Tell your friends and family to go to your Project Page and click Join The Team so they can message their own friends and help you raise some money. If your friends don't help you then you don't have to be nice to 'em for the next 17 days. Just like a marathon team comes together to raise money for charity, on CrowdRise, you can have anyone Join your Team and help you reach your goal. It’s really important that you inspire your team members to reach out to their contacts and ask for donations.

  8. Take Your Campaign Viral

    Post your project on Facebook at least once a week, and use your status box at the top of your Project Page to sync your page with your Twitter account. If you can't figure out how to make it happen please ask someone in middle school to help you. Whether you sync your status box to Twitter or not though, definitely use your Status Box at the top of your Project page to update people about your fundraiser, and thank people that just donated. The more you’re involved in your campaign and update your CrowdRise status message, the more your supporters will follow your campaign and stay involved.

  9. Did We Mention You Need to Ask for Donations?

    I know we already said it three times but building your project page is just one step. To really have an impact, you need to contact everyone you know, ask your friends to contact everyone they know, and spread the word about your project in your community, on social networking sites, in your email signature, at community meetings, and whatever other creative ideas you come up with to let everyone know you are trying to make a difference for a really important cause and you want them to give a little cash money. Don’t feel bad asking. The charities on Crowdrise do work that saves lives and you’re a part of that. Make your friends feel a part of it too.

  10. Number 10

    They asked us to have 10 recommendations.

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