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Help a struggling family in their housing crisis

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Hello to the few good people left out there, my name is Skyler Smith and I'd like to share with you all a somewhat short, sorrowful, tale. About a family struggling to gain some sort of footing in the economic recession in the US. This struggle dates back a few years so bear with me. My family's always been abundant in luck, unfortunately as of late it's all been bad, very bad. Forced to move into a house in south Florida from New Orleans due to being flat broke, my mother who was recovering from cancer at the time, my two children, and me thought that hopefully since the house we were moving into was going to be paid for by my grandmother, that we would be able to gain some sort of financial stability, finally be able to pay off some of the staggering amount of credit card debt we had accrued just trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately fate had other plans, sending my mother's health spiraling down, causing the eventual loss of her legs through mercer and several blood clots. In truth that makes light of the story, she almost died, but refusing not to die before seeing her grandchildren grow she fought on. After her return to the house from the rehab it was clear I had my work cut out for me, not only did I have to take care of my two children, Joellee, and Ulrich (abandoned by their mother back in New Orleans) I now had to take care of my severely handicapped mother, while trying to find some sort of employment. This proved impossible since the amount of time needed for their care was just to great for me to have any hope of any sort of real job. So things went stale for about a year or so, just scraping by on the small SSI check my mother received monthly. Thus my current significant other, Malinda enters the picture, things seemed to be lightening up, we were actually sort of making progress with her working and me staying home with my mother and children. Then, something beautiful, yet poorly timed took place, the birth of my third child, Molly. With this came a time of severe financial strain, we struggled like this, barely making ends meet between SSI and other GovAid we've managed to make it this far. Now to the now, what has gone wrong recently. Our only method of transportation, a small decade old sedan finally died a few months ago, and after struggling to save up a small amount of money we managed to buy a minivan off of craigslist for 800$. Finally, we thought, finally, maybe with the new vehicle we'd be able to make some headway, but as I'm sure you're guessing, something went horribly wry. My grandmother, the one who'd been helping us out with housing, has fallen into poor health, and cannot continue living where she is on account of not being able to live on her own. Thus her and my uncle will be moving into the house we are currently dwelling. Well, we thought, at least we'd have a couple of months to save up money to move into an efficiency or something somewhere. These hopes were immediately crushed at the news that the new minivan, after only 2 weeks, and maybe 3 trips, was dead due too poor transmission maintenance, and the fact that fixing it would cost more than the van did to begin with. That mixed in with the fact that we only have two more weeks of residence at our current home, with no way to fund a move currently, and no vehicle to boot, is what brings me here, to all of you. All that I'm asking for is enough money to get us out of here, and started paying bills in a new location, and pay for a month or two. Maybe with whatever is left helping to put payments on a used car with a warranty. I ask you this out of shear, no options left, desperation. We're a 6 member, multi-generation household that's only ever had each other, and we need your help.



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Skyler is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help a struggling family in their housing crisis.