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Here's where my story begins.
In december of last year my sister gave up her fight with mental illness, and applied for euthanisia and not long after that her apply was granted by the psychiatrist. Needless to say my family was really shoken up about this and my mother landed in a pretty deep depression. Because of this depression she started slacking on her bills and made a pretty big mess of things. Surely enough after a while she picked herself up again. But not without creating some big debts which she can't get over.
Things were looking up though for us, we finally saw a little light at the end of a deep dark tunnel and my mother with the help of myself and my sibling were cleaning up the mess and impact my sister's decision left behind.

Once on the track of being on the mend mentally, my dad was beginning to have a cough he couldn't seem to shake. At first we didn't think much of it and our heads were still very much in a different place so we didn't even worry that much about it. But the cough turned into shortness of breath and very soon he was gasping for air even after a short walk. So we took him to the doctors who told us it was severe asthma, which seemed weird to us considering he never had airway problems before. But the asthma medication didn't work and he deteriorated so fast that it made our heads spin.
So we went to the doctor a second time. This time he was sent straight to the hospital where they made x-rays and scans of his airways, which concluded he had a tumor the size of an egg near his thyroid gland, pressing onto his windpipe which explained the symstoms he was having.
The next day he was rushed into surgery to remove the tumor, in which they succeeded.
He recovered pretty quickly from the surgery and was send home being told that everything was okay now.

Once at home though his symptoms remained, and over the course of only two days we got back to square one, regarding his shortness of breath.
We decided to take him to another hospital to get a second opinion.
Before they could run the necessary tests on him they had to stabilize him first, but once they did they discovered that he did not only have a tumore near his thyroid gland, He had metastases in his windpipe, lungs and liver, dirivative from his renal glands in which he had cancer years before.
One of these metastases was shutting close his windpipe, so he could shoke at any moment.
He was put in isolaation and the doctors started looking for a hospital in which they could remove the tumor from his windpipe, which would be very dangerous but if they wouldn't succeed, death was certain in a matter of days.
Luckily they found a university hospital which was specialized in these advanced stages of cancer and they remove the windpipe-tumor, which gave us a couple of more months with him.

Now he's at home, and he's slowly but surely getting worse every day from the medicine and the other tumors growing, but he was ademant to get home, so we granted him his wish.

So still grieving from the one thing me, my mother and my 15 year old autistic brother now have this to deal with too. But that's not where the heartache ends.

Because of the commuting expences we had to make to the university hospital and the debts my mother already had built up during her depressing , we've gotten so much behind on the rent that we got a call from the landlord only yesterday saying that he'll have us evicted from our home on June 27th.
We simply can't get our hands on €3000,- before than to keep our home and let our dad and my mother's husband die in peace and give him all the rest he need in this very difficult time.
So I'm at my wits end here, and am willing to do anything that is in my power to do something for my family. Please help us. Donate, mail me suggestions.. any help we can get is welcome at this point. And in return I'm willing to do most anything. Please help us.



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