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Future Bright Foundation Inc

Future Bright Foundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 13, 2016
Tax ID: 81-2616907
BASED: Weston , CT, United States


Sustainability Reality

The Future Bright Foundation deploys clean food and energy projects with an innovative pathway to ownership to strengthen local economies and contribute to a sustainable environment.

The Future Bright Foundation’s mission is to address critical problems in agriculture, energy
and education facing society and the environment. Our goal is to address these problems
with multiple primary actions for sustainability and a strategy focused on implementation,
education, visibility and awareness. Our programs cover the full strata of economic and social
spheres within our target market making them inclusive. Our partnerships are constructed by
design to cross social and economic boundaries, creating stronger local communities and
thriving cultures.
Our core technologies, vertical farming, renewable energy and efficiency focus on health,
security, access and conservation.
Our vision for the evolution of Vertical Farming is one of growth towards ‘whole diet’ to avoid
potential risks to society if we do not act early to build the food infrastructure required by
future generations. We believe VF to be an integral part of healthy foods systems and the
basis for strong local communities. Our programs are designed to increase uptake of
sustainable agriculture by local communities, as well as the public and private sectors.
Our goal of integrating renewable technologies is tied to our belief in clean food and energy
systems as the basis for strong economic and social systems, and as a control mechanism for
rising downstream social costs like: high healthcare costs, urban decay, long supply chains
and climate volatility. Integrating renewables allows us to address the high current energy
requirements of VF and, over time, build true resilience and security in the food system.
Our focus on education, visibility and access is central to our belief in collaboration as the
primary factor in our success in transitioning to a sustainable and prosperous society,
working in concert with our natural environment for the betterment of all life.

Tax ID: 81-2616907 •

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Making Sustainability Reality

Making Sustainability Reality

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