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CROWDRISE : May 24, 2013
Tax ID: 27-0206132
BASED: Haines City, FL, United States



Vision and Literacy

Y.E.S. Inc., (Youth Eyecare Services) a subsidiary of 1st Veterans’ Kids Care, Inc., provides vision evaluations and initial screening for children and community members and will provide eye wear products for those who are in need.

“Your Vision will Focus their Future.”

The Vision and Literacy Program, established by Y.E.S., Youth Eyecare Services, will provide vision evaluations to members of communities, specifically targeting children, with the goal of enhancing student performance and their chances for success.

The education, employment prospects, independence and quality of life of a child with poor vision can all be improved by enhancing vision. Y ES will provide initial screening, scheduled monitoring and follow up services for children threatened by serious vision problems. Our plan is to improve the quality of life for thousands of students through our community programs.

“Vision disability is the single most prevalent disabling condition among children. Vision impairment in children is often underrepresented or not represented as an indicator for optimal health and quality of life.” U.S. Center for Disease Control

Why is the Y.E.S. Vision and Literacy initiative needed?

Consequences of untreated vision according to the CDC are:

25 percent of school age children in the US have a vision problem.

·        70 percent of juvenile delinquents have a vision issue.

·        80 percent of children diagnosed with a learning disability have an undiagnosed vision problem.

·        Of children in the 9 to 15 years age group only 10 percent of the children who need eyeglasses actually have them.


 Your donation will assist in providing free vision screenings, exams, eye glasses or treatment for vision problems.

By donating to Y.E.S. (Youth Eyecare Services), you bring help and hope for a lifetime of vision to all Americans. Your donation will support:

Vision screenings for children to identify and prevent loss of sight from common eye problems.
Public education to promote better vision health for all Americans.

Do you have any additional requests for your contribution?

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