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CROWDRISE : Aug 26, 2013
Tax ID: 26-0020294
BASED: Houston, TX, United States



Revolutionary Shelter

A newer and larger vision is needed, a vision in which shelters hold themselves accountable for meeting demanding performance standards that preserve life — not destroy it. Edward Duvin, Father of the No Kill Movement Friends For Life is that new vision for Houston and is creating a thriving shelter model that is being replicated in communities around the country.

Houston has historically killed more animals in our shelters than almost any city in the U.S. If ever there was an unlikely proving ground for this revolutionary No Kill, LEED model of sheltering, it is Houston. Founded in 2002 with a vision of offering a real alternative to killing homeless animals, Friends For Life has become the fastest-growing shelter in Houston. 

Our state of the art LEED facility has raised the bar for what shelters can and should be. Our programs raise the bar for the ways that a shelter should relate to animals and to the people of a community.  

Our programs include unique quantum leaps forward and together combine to create a comprehensive approach to create a reproducable, scalable business model. We mentor 22 other shelters and have brought Houston a desperately needed, multi-faceted No Kill program. 

We Have Re-Defined Adoptable:

75% of the animals adopted into homes through our prgrams would have not made it out of traditional shelters alive. We accept animals regrdless of age, breed, medical need. 


Fix Houston Initiative:

We forged the first/only public/private partnership with the Houston city shelter in 91 years to fund free spays/neuters for the community. Our Fix Houston program in which we hold free surgery days and fund all cats surgeries and the city funds all dog sureries is growing exponentially. The long term answer is not to ship animals out of the city after the citizens have gotten frustrated enough to drop them at animal control. It is to get services to the people before they get animals to any shelter. 

Since the Fix Houstom program was launched in 2013, we have prevented over 13,000 cats from coming into our shelter or any other. 

"I am especially proud of the first-ever public/private partnership in which Friends For Life and BARC have joined forces to offer free spay/neuter and wellness services. Since the beginning of the program in July 2013, hundreds of surgeries have been performed. Houston is a progressive city and these progressive animal welfare programs are a part of that."             ------  Mayor Annise Parker


Thinking Outside the Shelter:

Again, with a view toward building a relationship with the community that begins way before a citizen drops an animal off at a shelter, we have distributed over 1 ton of free animal food a year through our food bank since 2012. We have given hundreds of hours of free professional dog training, micrograns for vet care and kept animals in their families. 

Houston has not had a new shelter model since the first shelter was founded in 1924. The revolutionary programs of Friends For Life have brought Houston a new alternative in which shelters can save lives and work as partners with the community. 






Tax ID: 26-0020294 •


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Friends For Life --Revolutionary No Kill Shelter Brings a New Day to Houston!

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