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Fundacion Gaia Amazonas

Gaia Amazonas is committed to the protection of biological and cultural diversity and the future of the Amazon rainforest.

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The Story

For 25 years we've been succesfully influencing public policies for the Amazon to consolidate indigenous peoples’ rights, to strengthen the capacity of indigenous communities to carry out their own ‘territorial managment’, to strengthen indigenous relations with national government, to revive traditional knowledge, language and cultural practices and to contribute to Amazonian conservation strategies based on biological and cultural diversity and climate change adaptation.

Our work has been pionering the field of conservations for almost 3 decades now. 



Despite many achievements over the last 3 decades, the current challenges and threats to the Amazon and its people require ever more ambitious plans for the coming decade. Mining and extractive industries, state weakness in monitoring and enforcement of forest conservation policies and indigenous rights, and a lack of prior consultation with indigenous communities, could undo the progress made. Your support to finance our programs is what will decide the future of the Amazon.   



Since 1990, we have worked hand in hand with Indigenous communities of the Amazon for the recognition of their rights, territories and local governance systems, as the most viable and dignified strategy for forest conservation.

Gaia Amazonas believes that local indigenous governance, in coordination with local and national governments, translates into the strengthening of indigenous peoples as the main actors in conserving the Amazon rainforest. This approach can also transform State programs – especially for health and education – to be more efficient, more relevant to local needs, and have greater fiscal transparency.

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Awards & Recognitions

- Right Livelihood Award (Sweden). “Alternative Nobel Prize

- “Official of the Golden Arch” (Holland). Highest distinction for the conservation of nature. 

- “Simon Rordriguez” National Ecology Award, VIBB VAFF-Luna Roja Program ad Fondo Mangl (Colombia) 

- Man of the Year “Operation of Hope” (U.S.A) 

- “Social Entrepreneur”. Skoll Foundation (U.S.A) 

- Latin American Social Entrepreneur. World Economic Forum (Río de Janeiro, Brasil)

- Ranked as #40 on the Top 100 NGOs of the world, Global Journal (U.S.A)

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The leading worldwide example for continuous and high impact work for environmental governance” - European Union in Rio+20 

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