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Giving Alternative Learners Uplifting Op...

Giving Alternative Learners Uplifti...
CROWDRISE : May 13, 2010
Tax ID: 05-0615968
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Giving Alternative Learners ...


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Horses help People

GallopNYC changes the lives of people with disabilities and special needs.

GallopNYC brings the proven benefits of therapeutic horsemanship to children and adults with disabilities in NYC. Therapeutic horseback riding provides measurable benefits for people with developmental, emotional, social, and physical challenges. Through weekly riding sessions with PATH-certified instructors, we help riders walk, talk, connect, focus, behave and learn, inspiring each one to live life as fully, productively and independently as possible.

We work with veterans of armed conflict to bring horses into thier lives.  As one veteran stated: “Horses can sense your emotions and feelings,” he said, patting a mustang. “Especially, if you are in pain, they are going to sense you are in pain as well.”

GallopNYC serves 230 riders every week at three NYC locations. We also offer hippotherapy services.

Tax ID: 05-0615968 •


Gallop NYC General Donations

Gallop NYC General Donations

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GallopNYC Gives to Vets

GallopNYC Gives to Vets

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6% Raised of $5,000 Goal


GallopNYC Bikes NYC

GallopNYC Bikes NYC