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Gamma Phi Beta

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Abigail's Photo

BENEFITING: Cancer for College

ORGANIZER: Cancer for College

Abigail Houck


Cancer for College wrote -

How to Win Will Ferrell’s Challenge

Your team will be given a profile on our fundraising site that will be solely dedicated to the funds your team donates and raises.

  • From May 19th – June 1st, your team will fund-raise for Cancer for College, collecting donations from friends, family, alumni, supporters, etc.
  • During this time, teams will be able to view their ranking relative to other student teams.
  • Fundraising ends on June 1st, at which time the grand prize winner will be announced. 

The Prizes

If Your Team Comes in 1st Place – The grand prize will be awarded to the team that raises the most funds at the end of our fundraising period. This prize includes 20 tickets to the Q&A event an exclusive Meet and Greet with Will Ferrell, a Framed Photograph with Will and the team, a Gold Cowbell Trophy, and recognition by Will Ferrell himself and the press covering the event. 

If Your Group Comes in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Place – Your group will be eligible to create a Vine video using a line from a Will Ferrell movie that Will Ferrell will watch himself. The video that makes him laugh the hardest will win 20 tickets to the Q&A and have their Vine presented during the event.

How to Generate Funds 

This challenge is a team event. However, our site is also structured to keep track of how much money individuals in your team raise:

Individual participants – Individuals within your group will create mini profiles where they can deposit the funds they specifically raised. This money will be added to the group’s overall revenue as well as give recognition to the individual that raised the funds. 

Outside Donations – A great way to raise funds for your group is to ask alumni and supporters of your organization to donate funds directly to your team profile.

Are there Incentives Along the Way?

If your team raises at least $5,000, you will receive a Will Ferrell Signed Cowbell Trophy with your teams' name engraved. In addition, a Trophy will be awarded to the leading fundraiser on your team if they have raised at least $2,500.



Your group must raise at least $5,000 to be eligible for the grand prize.
The winning group will be able to take in a maximum of 25 members to personally meet Will Ferrell. Your group can decide amongst yourselves how you would like to hand these out. We recommend nominating members based on their financial impact on the competition. 
Entire fundraiser must reach $10,000 for the grand prize to be eligible

Why You Should Care

We believe this event is worth your groups engagement because it offers significant publicity for your house/group, the experience of a lifetime, and is a powerful tool for rush. More importantly, funds raised through this event will be donated to the non-profit Cancer for College, and will directly support Pacific Northwest Scholarship recipients.


Next Steps

This weekend, we will be handing out laminated flyers as well as information on how to fundraise that you can hang up in your house. 
If possible, we would like you to write a brief 2-3 sentence description of your group for us to add to your groups' page. In this description, it would be helpful to state who you are and why someone should donate to you. Please submit these bios to

To stay tuned to the latest information and announcements concerning the UW Will Ferrell Challenge, visit our Facebook page:


To lean more about the mission of Cancer for College, check out this video featuring Will Ferrell, Kevin Spacey, and UW’s 2011 award recipient and member of Gamma Phi Beta Abby Houck:  


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