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Garden of Hope

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The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 15, 2017

Join us in planting seeds for a Garden of Hope.

What and why:
Garden of Hope teams are raising funds for non-profits that represent everything that the Trump administration is trying to destroy: aid to refugees, defense of civil rights, protection of the environment, life-saving support for LGBTQ youth, support for independent investigative journalism, etc.  If you don't see a Garden of Hope team raising funds for the cause you care about, you are invited to start your own Garden of Hope team.  

How to Help:
Do you have a garden, a patch of yard, or even just a pot with dirt?  Plant flower seeds.  On Saturday, April 15, cut the flowers you have grown and give them away in exchange for pledges to your Garden of Hope team fundraiser.

Plant your seeds now, or very soon, so that the flowers will be in bloom on April 15.

Your town or city.  Plans for anti-Trump marches and rallies on April 15 are already underway.  These marches or rallies would be a great place to give away flowers in exchange for fundraising pledges.

More about the Garden of Hope:
Every word President Trump speaks, every executive order he signs, every bill he proposes works to undermine our essential American values: freedom of speech and of the press, freedom of religion, civil rights, women's rights, refuge and respect for immigrants, scientific discourse, healthcare for those who need it most, care for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth on which we walk, and on, and on, and on.

So today we will be planting seeds for a Garden of Hope.​  We will tend our gardens in the months to come, and on Saturday, April 15, we will give away the flowers we have grown in exchange for pledges to the Garden of Hope team fundraisers.

Please join us in raising hope in the face of despair.  Plant a garden, grow flowers, and use them to raise funds for an organization that protects the values and ideals that are under attack by the Trump administration.  Are you concerned about Trump's efforts to muzzle climate change scientists?  Join Team NRDC, plant flowers, and raise funds for the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Are you worried about Trump's attempts to discredit our nation's independent press?  Join Team ProPublica, plant flowers, and raise funds for independent, investigative journalism.  Do you still believe that America should still proclaim, "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"?  Join Team IRC, plant flowers, raise funds for the International Rescue Committee, and show the world that individual Americans have not forgotten the plight of refugees.  Is there an issue or cause that we have not included, that is under attack under Donald Trump?  Start your own Garden of Hope team to plant flowers and raise money for the cause you care about.

On April 15 let's fill our towns and cities with flowers, with each blossom representing a personal commitment to stand up for common human decency and to stand against President Donald Trump.