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CROWDRISE : Jul 15, 2011
Tax ID: 01-0597067
BASED: Garrison, NY, United States


Our Mission

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Help us create a more resilient, compassionate future.
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The Garrison Institute is working to create a future in which contemplative practices, such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga, are widely used to cultivate insight, compassion, creativity and courage, the essential ingredients of meaningful social change.
Since 2003, the Institute has served as a vibrant center for spiritual retreats and professional workshops.  To effect positive social change in the world, we've developed innovative programs that integrate contemplative methods with research in cognitive, behavioral and social science. These programs link personal transformation with strategies that foster community, organizational, and systems change.
Our trainings provide the tools and knowledge that professionals need to build their inner resilience so they can respond effectively to the greatest social challenges of our time—healing trauma, responding to climate change, and building a future for our children.
Please help us support activists, humanitarian aid workers, teachers, health care workers and other professionals who work selflessly on the front lines of crisis and disruption. They bring the best of themselves to heal and support others, but they are often the last to be cared for. With your help, we can care for them.

Tax ID: 01-0597067 •


Garrison Institute

Garrison Institute

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