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Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk

Ovarian Cancers has no age limit and is many times referred to as the silent killer. Women as young as 15 are continually diagnosed each year & never knew there was anything wrong. We strive to educate on the symptoms & encourage EVERYONE to ask to get tested. Tax ID 46-2137293


A continual ncrease in education and overall awareness of ovarian cancer is the primary founding principle of Geaux Teal. Through this emphasis on educational and awareness objectives we hope to accomplish an early detection screening test, further understandings of the prognosis of ovarian cancer, improve doctor/patient relationships and shared knowledge as well as increased medical education. Ultimately, one day we will equate longer survivorship with women’s understanding of ovarian cancer and its dangers.

Geaux Teal promotes community based events that raise awareness, increased education and research funds for ovarian cancer. Geaux Teal can be found sponsoring a 1000 person awareness walk, a local health fairs all parts of south Louisiana, at local High School events, & in cancer welness centers.