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Coffee Quality Institute's Fundraiser:

Promoting Gender Equity in Coffee

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  • 70% of the world’s coffee is grown on small family farms.
  • Women do much of the work on these coffee farms, but are rarely have access to the resources that would help them be more successful.
  • These farmers struggle to achieve a sustainable quality of life for their families. They often experience hunger and other problems that prevent them from improving their coffee yields and quality.

The opportunity:

  • When families learn the importance of gender equity in the household, they  make changes that benefit their farm and all family members.
  • When farming communities include the voices of all members, they make better decisions.
  • When companies, banks, and development organizations that work with farmers strive to meet the needs of both men and women, they help unlock the potential of the whole community.

It has been estimated that if women farmers are given access to the same resources as men, agricultural yields per household would increase 20-30%. The benefits to both cash and food crops would be game changing.

To capitalize on this opportunity, CQI's Partnership for Gender Equity is developing strategies and implementing programs to help coffee farmers improve the quality of their coffee and the quality of their lives. 

Your donation goes toward funding research and programs on the ground in smallholder farming communities. Every person who donates will receive specific updates about how the money is being used and progress being made.

What we have done so far:

  • Hosted 4 workshops in 4 producing countries with 119 small-holder producers (49 men and 68 women) where 40 farmer organizations developed 5-year visions for their communities with a ‘gender lens’
  • Consulted 30 coffee industry leaders on gender sensitive approaches
  • Interviewed 12 development organizations for best practice
  • Built awareness at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Reached out to YOU. Now we need your support! 

With your donation, you will join a host of coffee industry innovators and respected global development organizations in supporting this effort. Supporters include:  

  • Amfotek
  • Falcon Coffees
  • Mars Drinks
  • Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Equal Exchange
  • Farmer Brothers Coffee
  • Cascade Coffee
  • International Trade Centre (ITC)
  • Keurig Green Mountain
  • Lutheran World Relief

It's time to empower everyone in the supply chain. Thank you for your support. 



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