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Team Let's Act Together Together Inspiration Acts Inc.'s Fundraiser:


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Your Donation will make a Difference for Many!
August 14, 2016

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Team Let's Act Together Together Inspiration Acts Inc.


You know, a Dear Sister of mine once shared a Word of Wisdom that stuck with me. She said there are 2 things we each need to live with dignity: 1) Access to regular, wholesome & fulfilling meals and 2) the opportunity to present oneself to others with confidence: this means neat clothing and ample hygiene.

Most of us focus on feeding the homeless, but not enough of us have helped our homeless feel like fellow humans. We all enjoy feeling clean & being presentable. For some, it is the one thing keeping them from employment.

Please support this cause today! If you match out donation of $100 (plus $10 fees) we have a special gift for you! Stay tuned :D


Generosity Global Inc wrote -

For most of us, it's simply a matter of taking a few steps to the bathroom to take a shower, a bath, wash our face, brush our teeth, smell good and feel good about ourselves. For the homeless man and woman who does not have access to this basic human right, life can be very challenging and daunting.


Have you ever gone 5 days, 6 days, even 3 weeks without taking a shower? Do you know how low the homeless feel when they don't want to stand next to you in public because they smell? Day after day, night after night, dirt and grime continue to pile on your body. Ashamed to go interview for work because of low selfless esteem. All they would like is a peaceful place to relax, shower, and be restored.


Do your part to help give the homeless access to sanitation and proper hygiene.


Join Generosity Global and together we can help change this story for many of our homeless brothers and sisters in Baltimore/Washington area. We are raising money to help build a mobile shower trailer that will help give the homeless access to daily shower. We are joining hands to help people feel brand new, reconnect them with a sense of humanity, restore dignity and self esteem, while improving the look of our community.


Here is what you will be funding:

Purchase Trailer - $8,000 - $10,000

Retrofit Trailer with shower stalls - $15,000

Purchase truck to transport trailer - $7,000 -$10,000

Maintenance (Gas, water, tires, etc) - $10,000 (annually)

Part Time driver - $12,000

Register Trailer/ Truck with the state of Maryland - $600.00


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Dan Hare

Dan Hare


1 year ago

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Honorary Gift


The donor would like to remain anonymous & requests no recognition. 2 years ago

Dr. & Mrs. OlaWale Ajao

Dr. & Mrs. OlaWale Ajao

Well done on this innovative effort! -tia & DrAjao 2 years ago