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CROWDRISE : Oct 25, 2014
Tax ID: 46-5643043
BASED: Saint Louis, MO, United States


Genius Exhibitions

Discover the DaVinci in You

Genius Productions Foundation which produces The DaVinci Machines Exhibition and the "Discover DaVinci & Michelangelo Side by Side" performances is committed to creating an organization unlike any other in the world. Our mission is to fuse art, science, technology and creativity in ways that inspire innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds from our hands-on exhibitions to our inspiring performances.

Support our continuing commitment to the Discover DaVinci & Michelangelo Side by Side original theater performance and exhibitions today.  Your generosity and tax-deductible contribution will ensure intimate performances are available to arts audiences now and will help maintain the foundation for future generations to enjoy.  We want each person who walks through our doors to find that spark of curiosity, to unlock their limitless potential and “Discover the Michelangelo and DaVinci” that exists inside of each and every one of us.

You can change children's lives through the performing arts by making a tax deductible gift today! Thank you for your interest in our mission!

Tax ID: 46-5643043 •


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