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Geocosmo Science Research Center

Global Earthquake Forecasting Service Tax ID 47-2431156


Too many lives have been lost and too much destruction fraught on the world by Earthquakes.  Now, today, immediately we must put our collective thinking, ideas and responsibility toward the creation of a global earthquake forecasting capability.


Who We Are

GeoCosmo is a Global Earthquake Forecasting Service which uses semiconductor physics and big-data analytics to determine, weeks and days in advance, when and where earthquakes will strike.  We can impact the lives of 1 Billion people.


How We Do It

Every major earthquake is preceded, over an observable time frame, by multiple, measurable pre-earthquake signals, precursors, that emanate from deep within the Earth’s crust when rock is put under tremendous stress.

GeoCosmo uses fixed ground, personal mobile phone and satellite sensor technologies from our own network and those of our like-minded partners to detect earthquake precursors and algorithmically determine the likelihood of an earthquake event.


How We Have Done So Far

GeoCosmo and our partners have forecast high-visibility earthquakes over the past eighteen months, many within days and many up to two weeks ahead of the actual earthquake. 


Our Responsibility

GeoCosmo is seeking the global community’s support to bring forward its Service, first to a handful of regions, later to the earthquake zones around the world.