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George Barnes

George Barnes
United States
Stuff About Me:

The idea of sleeping might sound very simple, you just need to lie down, close your eyes, and then go to sleep, but definitely this is not quite simple as it sounds. When an individual is awake there are certain bodily processes that need to occur in order for the body to function this goes the same for sleeping, because sleeping also involves different bodily processes.

When an individual is asleep, he or she is in a state of unconsciousness wherein sensory activity is reduced and there is inhibition of movement that is voluntary, this is significant so that the body can have no interaction with the external environment (decreased ability to adapt and react to stimuli) in order for the body to have some rest.

It is very important that we have enough sleep (which is about 8-10 hours); this is because there are quite a number of physiological reasons on why we sleep that our body benefits from, which are some of the following:

1.    Rejuvenation or restoration

Sleeping is somehow considered as an individual's refresh button, this is because sleep helps in restoring different imbalances in the body. When we're not a sleep, different bodily processes occur that helps our body to function but this also takes a toll in our energy, as the day goes by we begin to feel tired and tired because of the loss of energy, sleeping helps in restoring this imbalance.

2.    Immune System

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation takes a toll in our immune system and when our immune system is down we are more prone to acquiring illnesses or diseases. Having adequate sleep increases our immune system and decreases our susceptibility to different diseases.

3.    Information processing

When an individual is awake and interacts with the environment he or she acquires a lot of information. Sleeping helps in the processing of the information acquire during the day, which will then be converted into memory. Sleep is definitely one of the most important activities that should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately there are some individuals who have problems with their sleeping patterns that are caused by sleeping orders. For a more in depth definition regarding sleeping disorders you can click here.

One example of a sleeping disorder is called sleep apnea. During sleep, body movements are reduced but the regular breathing or respiration pattern is still maintained at normal, however, individuals who have sleep apnea experience abnormal breathing patterns and even worse, sudden cessation of breathing. You can get additional information regarding sleep apnea found here at this link

The DOT is well aware of the dangers of sleep apnea especially for drivers; this is why they require a DOT sleep apnea test. DOT Sleep Regulations have partnered with Pulmonary and Sleep Consultants in order to spread the knowledge regarding sleep apnea and to help DOT drivers so that they are healthy and safe while on the road. You can visit this page to get more details regarding the DOT medical card requirements sleep apnea.



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