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Will Igoe's Fundraiser:

Germapalooza: 29

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BENEFITING: American Cancer Society

ORGANIZER: Stephanie

EVENT DATE: Jul 29, 2016

Will Igoe


Stephanie G wrote -

In 2012, after a courageous fight against a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as osteosarcoma, I lost my amazing dad. Ever since, I have been celebrating my birthdays by choosing to forgo that domestic light beer that you were going to buy me at that cheap dive bar in the town where we grew up...and instead asking that you donate that money to help in the fight against cancer.

In 2012, I helped raise $405 for FUCK CANCER, one of my favorite organizations started by the beautiful Yael Cohen. My goal was only $250, in honor of my 25th birthday - but we raised $405, because everyone I know is pretty freaking awesome. 

In 2013, I started using CrowdRise for donations to the American Cancer Society. That first year, you guys helped me soar to $775, just over my goal of $729 (for my birthday, 7/29.)

Here's a complete list of what we've done so far:

2013: $775 - 106% of goal ($729)

2014: $1,197 - 120% of goal ($1,000)

2015: $850 - 172% of goal ($500)

You guys. Do the math. No wait, I'll do it for you. In the four birthdays that I have celebrated without my dad, we've raised $3,227.00


I know that I can't ask you for money forever, which is why this year will be the final Germapalooza birthday fundraiser. It's a good time to c'est la vie: I'll be turning 29 - my golden year - and it will be my 5th birthday without my dad. Lots of odd numbers shifting in the universe. Feels right to wrap it up...

...But! I am definitely not letting you guys get off the hook that easy. $3,227.00 is $773.00 short of FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. You know what that means. Let's get to $773.00. You have until 7/29! Ready, set, go! 


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Will and Laura Igoe

Will and Laura Igoe


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