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I think that the American children and even the adults deserve to know some of my tales and stories. They need to be published for them in books. Good interesting children books! I published a children book in 2000; (But unfortunately in French). QUAND JE SERAIS GRAND.- Cyprien Akouete.- JANVIER 2000 printed in Paris. ISBN : 2-84258-051-6. He has great success in French speaking countries and translated in other languages. NOW,my goals are to be able again to publish for Americains children; but in English after my interesting and amazing American experience with the children while I was driving the school bus few years ago. MY GOALS ARE TO: 1. Take some children books writing refreshment classes online. 2. Have a minimum equipments as a computer, a printer, inks and paper to type and clean up my projects and drafts that I have currently, in order to make them ready to be proposed to Publishers. 3. Raise sufficient fund to face the publishing’s’ expenses. HERE IS MY STORY: I am a Washington DC resident since last October 2015. after some 13 years in Maryland and and 2 preliminary years in Pennsylvania. For background, I am an Archivist graduated. I worked long time ago as a former archivist and an Information Officer at an European Union Embassy in an African Country in the end 19ties. Volonteered a little in the Philadephia public library in 2001. Forced to have refuge in USA in 2000, this country has saved and keeps saving my life. I want to give back to its children AND EVEN TO ADULTS the best of myself. Currently forced retired from sickness and disabled after a back surgery of the spine, I am staying home and want to be back on MY WRITING BOOKS FOR CHILDREN habits, this time of course in English . May be bilingual in English and Spanish. May be not. We will see. My SSA income cannot allow me to do it. Help become necessary. This idea comes from an amazing experience I have had some 8 eight years ago with the children. I drove the School bus from 2003 to 2011. And I remember telling stories and some African tales to the young students on my bus. I do that sometimes. And one day, I could not come to the end of the story before we reached the School. When I stopped and secured my bus to let the kids go, no one wanted to get off the bus. They all started chanting repeatedly, rhythmically and intensively together: FINISH IT! FINISH IT! FINISH IT! I was surprised. Even a little panicked. I never know that they were listening carefully to the story and were such interested to the tales I was telling them and want to hear the end of today's story. All my efforts to let them leave the bus and anything I promised them were vain. The principal immediately noticed our “strange” bus stopped, the door wide opened and the kids NOT coming out, but all standing up and yelling endlessly and intensively: FINISH IT! FINISH IT! To make short the “happy” incident, he came on the bus and we both convinced the kids to get off the bus. the end of the story will be later in the afternoon .I was happy that the principal found the situation and the reason of their “rebellion “ interesting rather than bad; he liked it and I did not come up with a penalization or a severe warming asking me to stop telling stories and tales to the kids. Some students were not happy and were complaining, telling me that their parents will pick them up and they won’t have chance to be on the bus in the afternoon to hear and enjoy the end of our story. The story that day was: “WHY DOGS CHASE THE CARS.” I was so touched and impressed by their interest to my stories. I think that I owe all the children even adults, some of my tales and stories. They need to be published Restart now writing again CHILDREN BOOKS seems to me the best way for my tales and stories to reach all children and also adults, why not ?. AND NOW IS THE BEST TIME THAN EVER. The good news is that I have already many hand writen drafts of more than a half dozen ready, with a provisory titles as: -The magic bus -Why dogs chase cars? -The happy bus -Let’s be friends -Grandma on the plane -Over here and over there, -Patrick and the alcohol - My first day on the school bus -it is impossible . And others in progress. I eagerly want them to get to be published and be my Gift and a legacy for all the kids here and everywhere. Keeping those DRAFTS UNPUBLISHED or let them become good to be shredded after I have gone to the cemetery one day, will be my best failure. And for that I need everyone help and assistance. KIDS ARE OUR FUTURE.


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