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Clement Waters Retreat's Fundraiser:

Get the Severins Home

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BENEFITING: Clement Waters Retreat

EVENT DATE: Oct 04, 2017



We're helping the Severin family finish construction on their off-grid home.  After 4 years of meticulous, back-breaking work with their son Arron, Allen and Mary have gotten it 80% done.  Now a tumor has changed their story.

The discovery of Mary's life-threatening condition has made the completion of their home more urgent.  At the same time, the demands of a recovery lifestyle steal away time and resources for the home's completion.  It's a catch-22.

Any other family might give up.
Their inspiring choice:  Help people who are thinking of building green to learn tips and avoid pitfalls.
At Clement Waters, we were impressed and honored for the opportunity to get involved.  What would you do in that situation?
Won't you help the Severins finally live in their home so they can concentrate on Mary's recovery?

Made To Build Green

When Mary and Allen Severin took an early retirement to build an off-grid home, it was more than just a lifestyle change they were hoping for—They looked forward to helping other people explore options when planning their own off-grid homes.  Mary and Allen wanted their home to become demonstrable proof that off-grid can work, and work well.

That's why they've worked with care over the past 4 years to keep the build meticulously level, square and symmetrical.  Combining their backgrounds in residential construction, their build is a statement of workmanship melded with many experimental green building techniques:

  • Solar and wind energy
  • Convection passive cooling
  • Passive solar heat gain
  • Rocket stove seating
  • Rooftop water collection
  • Solar water heating
  • Greenhouse water refiltration and recycling
  • Reclaimed building materials

Mary and Allen hand-picked the methods that speak most to their desire to enjoy their time here on Earth without leeching her precious resources.

They've enjoyed the 4 years of learning their own lessons, stepping gradually toward completion of their build while building connections within their new rural community in the southern Missouri Ozarks.  Mary has kept record of their progress on her personal blog.

Trouble with a Capital "T"

About six months ago, Mary started losing the ability to work the long hours on her feet that she had before.  She couldn't seem to shake the feeling of being tired.  Then Mary's doctor informed her that the large mass she'd found was indeed a tumor.

Progress on the home has significantly slowed, and the Severin family is looking at spending one more winter in the R.V. that has been their temporary home.

Clement Waters wants to see the Severins in their finished home by the holidays.

Getting Help by Giving Back

The Severins aren't the type to take help without giving back.  Finding the silver lining, they see the unfinished state of their home as the perfect classroom to transfer knowledge about green technologies before the walls get finished and cover them up.

The Severins welcome you to their home to share food, music and experience with green technologies.

Whether or not you choose to help with physical effort, your donation will fully contribute to the finishing of the Severins' home by December 2017.

You should know:

Stretch Goals

Because we are a 501c3 charitable organization, donations given above and beyond the need will be used on our next project, still in development: an urban Kansas City house constructed of sanitized intermodal shipping containers.  We're collaborating with a veteran designer of space-efficient, energy-efficient container homes.  The recently acquired 4-acre site of our headquarters will also include walking trails, a community garden and a maker's workshop.

Get periodic updates as these projects progress.





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