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Lara & Karina's Fundraiser:

Get back to Boston 2014

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BENEFITING: Boston Children's Hospital

EVENT DATE: Apr 21, 2014

Lara & Karina


We dreamed of April 15, 2013. It was the perfect day for a run. We had trained so long, and so hard, for the renowned Boston Marathon. Side by side, for months, we logged countless hours and miles training for this day.

When our corral was released, we set out for the ultimate experience, once again, side by side. We've run many races together, and they always start out the same. We encourage, support, and reassure one another at the starting line. But once the gun goes off, it's each woman for herself. We sustain the first five to ten miles together, then one of us slowly pulls away only to be passed later by the other. Back and forth we each take momentary leads continuing all the way to the finish line. We wait for the other to cross, elated with excitement and joy. Congratulatory hugs and happiness.

This race was different, Hopkinton, Ashland, Farmington, we were still side by side. Natick, Wellesley, Newton, we hadn't separated even for a moment. We grasped hands and raised them high as we passed the checkpoints, smiling for the cameras. Soon came Brookline and then Boston, all the way to Boylston St. We had run 26.2 miles side by side. We had joked about what it would be like, on the slight chance that we finished at the same time, never believing that it would actually happen. Would we throw an elbow at one another and gun it to finish first? Or would we hold hands and finish together? We evidently chose the latter, elated at our victorious accomplishment.

We weren't able to celebrate for very long. Everything was soon overshadowed by the worst imaginable, a thunderous explosion. So close to us, it made us jump, so loud , so frightening. Once again, we grasped hands, only this time it was to run for our lives. We continued down Boylston St, scared, frantic, not knowing where to go, seeing the terrified looks in each other's eyes, in the eyes of everyone around us. Again, we were rocked by another explosion. Where were we going? Are we headed towards more danger? Are we in jeopardy? Where are our friends? Family? How many people are hurt? Who's doing this? The thoughts that crossed our minds that day will be within us forever.

The city that we waited months to get to, we couldn't leave fast enough. We were some of the fortunate, we were able to leave with the same friends and family that came to run with us and cheer us on for support. After that we spent weeks in a fog, a daze. Traumatized by what we had just lived through. We didn't know what to do, how to interact with people, how to be in public. But we have made it past that horrific day and were able to run again; a month later we completed another marathon, and a year later we hope to run Boston 2014.

We want to run for us, for our Mystic running community, for everyone who was there in Boston that day. For the families and friends who waited to hear news from us. For the winners of the marathon, whose victory became overshadowed by sadness. For the people who were physically hurt, and for those who never made it home that night.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal which will go 100% to the Boston Children's Hospital. The hospital treated and
rehabilitated many that were hurt that day.


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