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Heey, my name is jeffrey im 24 years old and i live in the Netherlands atm i study Safety Science which i hope to end in about a year from now.

Let me tell you abit about why i'm making this fundraiser.

The reason i made this Fundraiser is that i'm a student and really wanna move to australia and work there for a year and if possible longer, i'll take every sort of work at the start but in the end i wanna work for something where i learned for, but also to have a great time with new people i will meet and adventures i'll witness.

The problem is that livin like a student is very expensive so saving money goes very very slow and it will prolly takes me more time to get it then my actual stay in Australia and Since its a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to australia to work there ( since its expensive when you're a student and don't have a Full time job yet. )

So if you feel like you could miss some money and want to spend it on me so i can get to Australia feel free to give some.

Things you will get when you gave money are:
Photo's of my time in australia
a Weblog where i'll write down things i've seen so you get to see things what i'm doing there.

So Thanks in advance! and feel free to share this with you friends, family and more
every help it Highly appreciated!

Greetings Jeffrey



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