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SAR Academy's Fundraiser:

#GETMOVING * Make Paralysis from SCI a Thing of the Past!

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August 2017 marks ten years, 10 YEARS, since the accident that led to Cory's spinal cord injury. It is hard to believe that a decade has gone by and since that day in August, Cory has not been able to do so many things we TAKE FOR GRANTED EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! 10 Years = 3,650 days. Try to go without using your hands for an hour. Try to sit in a wheelchair and not move your legs. Want something to eat? How are you going to get that? Whoops, someone is at the door-- what now? Oh, your kid is calling and needs you-- what you can't get there? The challenges go on and on, they are endless. Cory has done amazingly well. With help from above, so much good has come from people close and from total strangers. He has been blessed with great help and a super family. But we want MORE! Research must be funded so that we can move the science forward. With a combination of stem cell therapy, technology, rehabilitation, and some drugs, a cure can be found. It takes time and it takes money. We can be patient but we must fund the research and make it a priority. What happened to Cory can happen to anyone. In a second. In a car. At the beach. Playing sports. On a ladder. On a train. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, to ANYONE. This is an injury that does not discriminate. In honor of all Cory's accomplishments, and in recognition that research and science are the answer, and in search of a cure, please help fund research at one of these really fine institutions that we working tirelessly to bring about improvements in function for people with Spinal Cord Injuries. Why $65,700? 10 years x 365 days / year = 3,650 x $18 (Chai-- LIFE for each day should be lived to the fullest)= $65,700 Thank you!



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