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EVENT DATE: Dec 01, 2012

Byron Heapes


My name is Byron, I'm just a young man from Seattle with a goal of joining the Marine Corps; a goal that has been the biggest thing I've had in my life for quite a long time. Part of my goals involve getting ready for boot camp, and a lot of that is physical. And if I'm already going to be getting physical, why not push myself in the name of giving back to the people I look up to so very much: the men and women who serve this great country.

I did a personal challenge last year for the Marine Corps birthday, doing a pushup for every year the Marine Corps has been serving our country, and that should give you a good idea of how I'll do things, but on a hopefully much larger scale, over a long period of time. Essentially I'd be doing x number of pushups based on $n of donations every day, but with several excercises (the theme will be the PFT).

And if things go well enough and enough money is raised, I'll try to arrange something extra special. Lets just say PFT isn't the only fitness test that poolees, recruits, and Marines have to perform.

Of course, I don't expect you to just take it on faith that I'm doing this stuff. I plan on both streaming and uploading videos of me performing the expected movements, so people are sure to get their money's worth. Even if I can't keep up with the daily pace for an entire month, I will absolutely do every single rep in as little time as possible.

Bellow is a list of the tiers of donations and what they'll mean for me. The number of reps are for a SINGLE day, and I will repeat this number of reps every day for 31 days. More, if that's what it takes to finish the total number. I will also adjust these tiers if I end up raising a lot more money than expected, or a lot less. I don't want to be doing 3000 pushups a day :p


  • $0-$50:  I will perform 2 pushups per dollar donated
  • $50-$100: I will perform 2 pushups per dollar and 4 crunches per dollar donated
  • $100-$500: I will perform 1 pushups, 2 crunches per dollar donated and 1 pull up per 10 dollars donated
  • $500-$1000: I will perform 1 pushups, 2 crunches per dollar donated and 1 pull up per 10 dollars donated and run one mile for every 200 dollars donated.

Which means...

  • Up to 13 pushups an hour assuming an 8 hour day
  • Up to 25 pushups and 50 crunches an hour assuming an 8 hour day
  • Up to 63 pushups, 125 crunches, and 7 pull-ups an hour assuming an 8 hour day
  • Up to 83 pushups, 167 crunches, 9 pull ups an hour, and half a mile an hour assuming a 12 hour day.

I'll also try to think up things to do when milestones are reached, and if I manage to get near perfect PFT scores at MCRD, I'll make sure and make a real big donation (or as big as I can afford) to Wounded Warrior following boot camp, because it'll be the motivation that'll get me there.

I'd like to think of some way to reward top donations, but want it to be a little more interesting than "You'll get a Wounded Warrior hoodie, free of charge!" Please, feel free to give me suggestions for rewards. It should also be said that to get a reward for being a top donater, you won't be able to donate anonymously. 

This fundraiser has dual purposes, really. For one, I was once told by a recruiter that the best way I can help my country and the Corps is by working to make myself a better Marine, or potential Marine as it is. And having the motivation knowing that everything I do will help wounded servicemembers.

But more importantly, it will help out the incredibly brave Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Corpsmen, Airmen, and other servicemembers that risk life, limb, and mind to protect and serve our country. I have such a strong connection to these people, and I desperately want to give back to them for inspiring me to find something I have the drive to work towards with the dedication that I've found in my journey to enlistment.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, or even if you want to get involved, you can email me at Make sure to include "Wounded Warrior" in the subject line of the email, or I may not see it.


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