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October 08, 2016


The young man that you see in the picture to the left is my brother Joe Pinchasi, he's holding his nephews little Danny. Joe's a good friend of mine who became a real brother to me.I met him in 2003 in Cooper city, at the young age of 16. He was just a few months older than me . We became good friends,best friends and later great brothers. My brother Joe died at a very young age(29), from drugs & after two heart surgeries his heart couldn't take it anymore... I cried so hard at his funeral... It felt so fake and I couldn't believe this happened. If you would have met Joe, you would have realized that he was not that type of guy, a drug attic ... He was a very sweet kind young man,honest and very helpful, he was a very clean and a beautiful family type of guy, he had a great family. He got pulled the wrong way in life... It happened by just having fun and going to parties every now and then. Parents,if you are a parent, be nosy and find out what your children are doing... You can save their lives... Or some friends need to save their own friends life. And I want to save other young women and men just like him... I want to open A rehab recovery program for my brother Joe... (A Stay Clean sober living house). I want to open a sober living house for those who are addicted not only to drugs, but also addicted to sex,pornography ,food, cigarettes, lying,stealing,cheating, relationship abuse,drinking, gambling and a whole lot more. The main part of the rehab is to get people off drugs, walking them through it step-by-step and getting them off drugs for good and not putting them on different drugs to get off one drug. I am starting this recovery program for my brother Joe, He died in December 2014. He got addicted to drugs and couldn't help himself anymore, because everyone around him was feeding him drugs(is the way that I described it) but not everyone... He got addicted to prescription pills from the doctor, called Roxies or Roxicet, and on the street the name is (Blues)... Can't believe the doctors and pharmaceutical companies make this synthetic heroin drug pills which are stronger than regular heroin... And everyone thinks doctors are so good all the time, I remember going to the doctor as a little kid in there actually check me,to see if I'm OK asking me if this hurt,if that hurts... But now days doctors just want your insurance money, and give you a Cortizone shot and prescription pills... Which both are bad for your health,very bad... But continuing ,From there he got on all different types of drugs and addicted to heroin really bad.Even after his second heart surgery, his so-called girlfriend and everybody else were still feeding him drugs because he was getting so sick and he wanted them ,because his body wanted the drugs. Instead of taking him off the drugs the correct way, they all just kept feeding him the drugs and more and more Drugs... (mostly everybody ) My brother Joe Pinchasi was only 27 years old when he had his first heart surgery. Way way to young for heart surgery... The doctor told his family that his heart surgery is a 50-50 chance that he can live or die.But my brother Joe lived after his first heart surgeryAnd the second heart surgery he survived again. But he kept abusing the drugs,he was to hooked on them. He told me that he needed me to be there for him,to help him get off of them. At that time I was in a different state, I'm so sorry Joe :( I wish I was there for you:( Joe I wish I was there to get you off them for good... Everyone, this is all my fault, I should've just came back right-of-way and took care of my brother, I didn't even get to see him before he left. But the one thing I know Joe wouldn't want us to beat ourselves up over this, we will all see him again in heaven with the Lord. I believe that Joe would love that I'm starting this sober house and I would love that all his old friends and brothers and sisters would help get it started. I love Joe and miss him dearly,he is the only person who believe in me after my father Harold died. Joe kept me alive :) he kept me happy, we never argued, he kept me laughing a lot. Joe kept me from killing myself after my father died from prostate cancer2003 when I moved to Cooper city. It was very hard on me. Joe was a good brother and friend to me. I had a dream on May 27, 2016 around two or 3 PM about my brother Joe and that's why I decided to write everything down on paper and create this sober house for him and for other young men and women. Not for their stupid insurance money but to help their lives get back to where they were before and to get them off drugs and to save their lives with my nonprofit organization that I'm creating. I would like for the nonprofit to sponsor people to go there for free... All treatment will be free. Something like that European countries I believe somewhere in England they get you off drugs for free. Now day rehab just want people insurance money... But My rehab is going to be the opposite and cares about your life and to help you get off drugs. And figure out the reason why you were on them.??? The dream that I had about my brother, we were in the car as usual and he was giving a girl money because she wanted to buy Drugs. I told Joe stop letting people use you for money & drugs. And that was the last thing I remember saying to him. Joe was a very nice guy, who helped everyone. Most of the people he knew just use him. You know when people use you, there around every now and then, Joe and I were around each other every day or every other day. It's hard to get away from good brothers, friends, or homeboys :) Not everybody used him he did have a lot of good friends... To Joe... Joe my brother, I will open this recovery sober house ,this nonprofit rehab, for you and to help young kids get off drugs and older younger women and men get off drugs... My name is Benjamin Johnson. If you know someone who is addicted to drugs or some type of prescription drugs from the doctor or alcohol or cigarettes, if you believe in my dream If you believe in my sober house, If you read my story, If you read my brothers story, please donate, please do not just read without leaving this page without a donation thank you so much again And God bless you This is also in the memory of Brian Vega, this rehab is for you too brother , he was a great young man that died way too young... (from prescription pills from doctors) If you knew (Joe Pinchasi) or (Brian Vega) please show even more love. Thanks At the end, it is Joe's dream & Brian's dream that will save everyone.


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