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Gift Cards for Ebola Relief through Doctors Without Borders

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Gift Cards for Ebola Relief is all about donating the tail ends of those gift cards we get for birthdays, holidays, special occations...well just about anything. Or, donating the whole gift card to Doctors Without Borders.

I have felt compelled to do something about what the World Health Organization (WHO) calls,"the most severe, accute health emergency in modern times". We are all on tight budgets, and it's not often we have money to spare, but sometimes we get gift cards. I even have found them floating around the house! You know the ones, with a dollar left? I found two of them yesterday.

Doctors Without Borders is working on the frontlines in the fight against Ebola and compellingly and ugently tell us how desperate the situation is. They were the first to respond to the crisis and remain the primary internation medical aid group battling the diease in West Africa. Most local health systems have collapsed and international institutions, including the United States millitart, have yet to fullfil their pledges of help.

Here is my plan: Gift Cards are just what the name We can choose to go shopping and go and buy something wonderful that will make us happy for awhile (until it goes to the thrift shop) or we can be a part of a service project, perhaps save a life, and make ourselves happy at the same time. Now that's a good deal!

I have to admit if some of you are saying to yourselves, "I don't have any gift cards right now." you will remember that debit cards and credit cards work as well. Chances are good thatyou will get a gift card in your life time.

In the past week world leaders have started using a mathematical term when speaking of Ebola. "Exponentially" The mathematical origin of this term means to multiply a number by itself ... So they say that by the end of this year, if little is don we could have well over 60,000 cases of Ebola worldwide.

Please donate, then send this link via any social media you use and ask your friends to do the some. The donations are handled by a 3rd party, secure site and they go directly to Doctors Without Borders.

Thank you!!!!!!!

Love, Roxanne



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Roxanne Goodrich

Roxanne Goodrich


I need to be the one to start the ball rolling! Please donate. Check out this website: see the very small amount they use out of each donation to keep their site up and running. See how much of your donation actually goes to Doctors Without Borders. 97%! Heck, I'm paying the monthly fee, they don't charge any of it to you - so be generous, be loving. Listen to that inner little voice that says, "I should do this" 4 years ago