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girl chid empowerment

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Several rural and economically disadvantaged urban communities in Nigeria experience severe unemployment and illiteracy. Many of the female youth are employable and can be taught the right skills to develop and evolve better.

Please find below a snippet outline of Delta Women’s Youth Empowerment and Development Program.


Poverty is one of the main problems plaguing the Delta State. According to National Bureau of Statistics 2010 Poverty Profile Report, about 112.5 million Nigerians live in relative poverty while 60.9% of the population live in absolute poverty. More than half of those living in acute poverty are women. Women, particularly those in rural areas, face serious challenges such as poor farming mechanisms, low literacy levels, lack entrepreneurial skills, inadequate access to microcredit facilities, limited markets and weak marketing skills. These issues translate into low economic empowerment for the rural woman. Women empowerment is therefore crucial for the eradication of poverty.


$10000 will help us achieve the following:

- 60 youth will be trained in solar technology/renewable energy

- 100 women will be trained in hairdressing

- 100 women will be trained in tailoring

- 50 women will be trained in bridal arrangement and decoration.


Delta Women is a non-governmental organization that is registered in America and Nigeria. It was founded by Elsie Ijorogu-Reed in early 2010 to empower women in the Delta State by guaranteeing their basic human rights. Delta Women is committed to teaching women to become socially, economically, and politically empowered. Its aim is to enable women and girls to become masters of their own life and future by providing health, educational and economic opportunities to better their lives and that of their families, thus transforming communities in the process. Some of the organization’s main activities include:

· Raising awareness on the dangers of practicing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through its blog, e-zine, and podcasts

· Educating adolescents and young girls on the impact of early pregnancy and HIV/AIDS through awareness programs, talks targeting young teens and mothers

· Raising awareness on sexual harassment through outreach programs particularly in educational institutions and doing government lobbying to help put effective mechanisms and policies in place for dealing with sexual harassment issues.

· Providing shelter and counselling to rape victims

· Supporting the Delta State community in whatever way possible by:

· providing free cervical examinations and free treatments to women with cervical cancer

· Doing free eye tests and providing free eye glasses to more than 220 people.


We plan to establish Pay Forward Community Outreaches in Okpe local government areas, Delta State, Nigeria. The woman are expected to be committed to finishing the program and to undergo a "Teach the trainer and mentoring program" provided by Delta Women one year after they finish so that they can train someone else in their community. Should they not complete the program or fail to train a minimum of one person in their community within one year of completion they will be obligated to refund the money spent to train them. These trainings will offer to the youth and women vocational and Skills Acquisition training such as: tailoring, hairdressing, beading and handcraft, bridal arrangements, solar technology, tie and dye or soap making, catering and cookery, computer programming and basic office skills. This will be offered through mainstream educational programs and night schools, along with JAMB /WASC preparations. In addition, there will be classes on CV and Resume preparation, mock-interviews and job placement. The goal is not only to empower the youth but to also make the responsible for their peers in the community.


Regular monitoring of the beneficiaries at their place of training will be undertaken. With feedback from trainers on performance and attendance, the process will be efficiently carried out by observation, shadowing, visitations, mentoring, and data collection. The data collected will include the following key performance monitors (KPIs), total population covered, region covered, number of students that have enrolled, number of students that have completed the program, their performance and the number of students that have dropped out.


The sustainability of the project will be determined by the continuous engagement of community leaders such as chiefs to help raise awareness and promote the importance of youth and women’s vocational education. A concrete effort will also be made to strengthen local ownership of the project to help contribute to project sustainability. This will be done through stakeholder participation, income-generating activities, competency-based and demand-driven skills training, and women’s participation. There will also be capacity building interventions such training of teachers, proper administration and accountability and equipment maintenance which will help build sufficient safeguards against dependency through the promotion of active transfer of skills. At this point of time, we have already secured the engagement of the community leaders, such as the chiefs, women leaders, youth leaders and community chairman in participating in the program.



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