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CROWDRISE : Nov 11, 2013
Tax ID: 46-2165763
BASED: Tucson, AZ, United States


Help End Sexual Assault

girlsCAN! is a 501c3 charity working to create a safer world for our girls and young women by stamping out sexual harassment and assault in schools and on campuses. We teach girls how to get boys and men to change biased beliefs regarding gender to a belief system that embraces gender equality.

Our mission is to create a safe world for our girls and young women by stamping out sexual harassment and assault in schools, on campuses, and in society.


We're accomplishing this by teaching girls an innovative and powerful combination of research-based and real-life-proven methods for changing boys' beliefs and attitudes regarding sexes and gender that can lead to harassment and assaults. This is a critical aspect of our mission because gender bias is a root cause of sexual harassment, and too often it's either ignored or dealt with ineffectively.


We teach girls because...
Girls have a unique combination of key advantages that make them more effective than anyone else at changing the biased attitudes boys have learned regarding the sexes and gender. They are in the best position to overcome denial and resistance to changing the status quo.


So, what are the advantages that make girls so effective at changing bias?


1. Girls receive the greatest and most immediate benefit from bringing gender equality into their lives because it has a direct effect on their safety, so their motivation to change the biased status quo is high.

2. No one—not a seminar speaker, not a friend, not the government, not legislation—has more influence on the people in girls' lives than the girls themselves, so they themselves are their most powerful agents of behavior change.

3. Girls have long-term contact with their inner circle, so they are in the best position to exert long-term influence on the beliefs and attitudes of those they're closest to.

4. Because the people girls are close to love them and/or care about their happiness, girls have the greatest ability to evoke the type of response necessary to start the behavior-change process.


In short, girls are their own secret weapon for creating a safer world for themselves. And that's great because they're highly motivated to do so!


And girlsCAN! is here to give them the knowledge they need to get the process rolling, and to give them the ongoing mentorship they need to support them on their journey to safety and equality.

Tax ID: 46-2165763 •


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