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#girlsforgod do south Africa [dez]

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EVENT DATE: Apr 09, 2013

Desiree Perez


Vision: a group of girls making a difference! Starting in south africa <3

I have a vision to be used to change people's lives. Not sure exactly how but I know i WILL. God spoke to go to South Africa. I have a dream and how this will fit in with my future. It's more than traveling, it's bigger. Since I was younger, I've always had a passionate, inquisitive personality. I'm curious by nature. I love asking questions, and answering them through life. through experience. through living. More questions are to be answered as I listen to that part of me that says to go on a conference/mission trip. Love God. Love others. Love self. That's what this trip is about. I will be flying to South Africa beginning of April. Cool part, is that for the first time in a long while, I am traveling with others, which I'm excited about. With amazing friends I've picked up along my journey in Chicago! Love God. I'll be attneding Colour Conference, a Hillsong woman conference. Love Others We will make a difference in women's lives. We will bring hope to hopeless situations. We don't know their story. But if the walls could talk, they would say they are broken: from abuse, from eating disorders, from human traffikcing from trauma. We don't need to know their stories, to write their future! We are leaving an everlasting mark with women at this woman shelter. When we leave, there will be a sense of beauty in self. A sense of worth. They will take with them...God has made me beautiful and perfect. I can beautify myself from the inside out and own it! They will get inspired to become the best versions of themselves. We will go equipped with materials (to empower them to build) and make up (to empower their hearts) bibles (to see what god says about their worth). Those are just a couple of things we will be doing. We will come home with a forever connection and keep building the relationships! We are women making a difference, getting outside of ourselves for somebody else. Love self. At the end of our journey, we will travel to other parts of south africa and push ourselves to the limit, to places we have not been. This is where we empower ourselves and love on who we've been designed to be. For Christmas, birthday...until I leave, I'm not asking for any material items but instead put that money towards a purpose. I'm honored to be able to be used like this. This is putting expression to who I am as an individual. I am so dearly blessed by all that I do have, my home, my family, my career, my church, my friends and I feel like this trip is putting expression to the person I am and continue to become. I'm expectand and excited for the growth that will take place during this trip, spiritual and personal. in both myself and others. This time, traveling looks a bit different, I am not packing my suitcase for 3 months that turn to 3 years; but 12 days, that turn into my eternity. #girlsforgod



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