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Becoming a wife for the second time is daunting. After my first marriage didn't work out, I was left with feelings of sadness and inadequacy. Would I ever find love? Would anyone ever want to be with me again? I felt overwhelmed yet somehow empowered. I was about to start a new journey, and that was exciting. Out of the blue, I met this guy. You know, the one you cannot wait to tell your best friend about, the one who gives you butterflies in your stomach, the one you stay up talking to all night - yep, that guy. I was hooked from the start. Fast forward to a proposal, a wedding thrown together in a month and finding out you are pregnant with twins! Once again, I had those feelings of inadequacy. How would we ever get through this alive? My ex couldn't have children, so I had resigned myself to never having one. That's an incredibly difficult and personal thing to deal with on your own. So of course, we were completely shocked and elated when we found out. You can never really prepare yourself for the first experience of being a mommy. You clean every inch of the nursery room, purchase the cribs and carseats, and wash all the beautiful blankets and clothing that have been gifted to you. You and/or you husband hold your hair back when you get sick and have to run to the bathroom, you eat healthy, don’t drink, read all the books… But mostly, as a mom expecting twins, you pray you can just figure out how to feed them and diaper them by yourself. Growing up, I had two friends who were twins. We did everything together! I remember when I found out I was having twins one of them gave me lots of advice about what it's like to be a mom of twins - even wrote some things down for me! Her advice was funny, helpful and so timely for me. I wish everyone having twins had a twin friend who can provide that kind of support and advice. With the advice from my fellow twin moms, I feel like I can do this parenting thing! I know that other moms have been through what I'm going through now and one day, I want to help other new mommies too! Likewise, I want my daughter to have that help as she's growing up. She will need people to help her, other girls who have been through things she is experiencing. That's why I picked Girl Talk, a peer-to-peer mentoring program for girls in middle school, led by high school leaders. Just the kind of support those girls need!



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