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I am a retired nurse educator in my early 70's. Never once have I walked past a person who needed money without sharing what I had without judgment. Thankfully I am not struggling and life is fairly easy. This is not the case for many people. There was a time in my life when I needed help to change everything entirely around. Many, many years ago I received help. That little bit of help changed my entire life. Now I want to do that for a single mother I met who is down and out and need your help. Although she is a hard worker, at minimum wage, with two children and no vehicle she barely gets by. I also worry about her children. She is a good mother! This woman works from 5 PM until 1AM in the morning. She walks 40minutes to and from work. Walking home at that time is plain dangerous. Meanwhile not only she, but her children are suffering from lack of parenting. They are young teens and need her home in the evening. Yes, she has had many other nowhere jobs but I have never met anyone so down on their luck. I don't know how much detail you need but if I was to list all that has broken her spirit , you would cry. She takes the prize for bad luck! No, she is not on welfare. No she does not take drugs! What is she? She's one of the kindest people you would ever meet. She is naive which is why I want to take on the job of changing her life around with your help. You fund me and I mentor her and the children. You will be kept up to date each step of the way. Every last cent will be spent on her and her children's needs to experience what life can be like when you are not down in a hole feeling helpless. When a child does not have to be teased because of poor clothing and hygiene. He strikes back out of frustration. The girl has found LaLa land and given up. She finds comfort there although she is a talented writer. The short stories she has shared with me are of nightmares. The donations will be used for a two bedroom apartment in a good area of the city. Right now all 3 are crammed into a very small one bedroom apartment in an undesirable part of the city. There is a 5 year wait for Section 8! Shameful! Your donations can pay for rent while she continues her nursing education. They want $28,000.00 for her to finish. She didn't pay her pell grant after her failed attempt at an education. Your donations will pay for the loans and the rest of her education. Your donations will buy her a used stable car which could tremendously ease the burden of this family. All old traffic fines she previously acrued will be paid in full. Funds are also desperately needed to send her one child to a private school based on the Adlerian Theory. At the moment he has been suspended from several schools, even special ed. classes. He is truant. This 12 year old is on the verge of becoming part of our corporate penal system due to truancy and anger issues. If you met him he is a most polite and caring individual. On occassion he has taken what little money he has to buy me a trinket from the swap meet just to see me smile. I implore you to help me in this endeavor so I can work with this family one step at a time in order of importance. I am not sure how much money it will take so I put a rough estimate. Everyone involved will be eternally grateful for your financial assistance. I cannot emphasize enough how your help can turn an entire existence around. It is so important to feel like a productive citizen. This is extremely important to me because if I can help even one person into a happy productive life like someone did for me years ago, I can pay it forward. I was exactly like this woman once upon a time. I had terrible luck, abusive marriages due to the fact of no self esteem because I was molested as a child. I was a single mother of two far too young. The children had a deadbeat father who ducked child support until they caught him. I didn't even have a high school education. I couldn't see hope. I couldn't see a doorway out. My self esteem was in the gutter so I went from one bad situation to another. That was many years ago but I have never forgotten the burden of a downtrodden life. I am living proof that you can be saved. All it took was a little kindness and caring. People willing to finance me a little and guide me through the process of how to get a life! Recognizing that I wasn't dumb, that I was just so beat down by life I couldn't function. Someone came to my aid asking nothing in return. I was guided to get my GED, find out my IQ was 128, go to a junior college and become a professional nurse. Later more college courses. No, they couldn't spare much financially but it was enough to buy transportation (a $25 car with no window on the driver side and the back floor rotted away). I put down plywood so my children wouldn't fall through but that car gave me the opportunity to get back and forth to daycare, school, grocery shopping, the Laundromat and errands. Todaythere is no such thing as a $25 car. I have now been happily married for 37 years, retired from a wonderful career that helped many people back to wellness, educated children and educated the women who work for physicians. Now my husband and I are retired but not with a retirement fund. We have a nice home and cars. My children are college educated and doing well. We are 'comfortable'. Right now I want to put a hold on helping stray animals and give that time to helping people. I would like to give other women who are down on their luck get a new lease on life. I will start with one who is really in need of assistance. Hopfully there are enough people that I can continue this endeavor. One never forgets how quickly their life can change around 180 degrees if someone just believes in them and gives them the chance. Help me mentor this woman. I can't think of a better way to spend any extra cash you have on humans in need other than your 'collections'. Many people don't know what "extra cash" means. This woman who is absolutely no relation to me. She has no parents, grandparents and only one sibling. The same with the children. Their mother is their only family. The joy you could bring is not measurable. Just knowing other people care will bring her to tears. She does not know I am making this effort. I have given here and the children many things but I do not have enough money to pull them out of the rut. She is not very knowlegable about finances which is why I will continue to be her mentor making choices that will make you proud that you donated. Once she is planted firmly on her feet she will no longer need my mentoring. right now she is far too overwhelmed to open the door to a new and productive life. From the bottom of my heart, please help this family. All they need is a chance! Help spread the word!


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