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Giving Some Love; Janie's Fund

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Helping Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund is very personal to me. I've been homeless due to an abusive relationship. I guess this stems from being sexually abused and severally neglected as a child. I fell into what I understood. I spent 6 mos. homeless and On the Road from Texas to Nashville, to Atlanta to Michigan, and then finally landed in Chattanooga. I refused to go back to the neglect and abuse. 16 years of abuse was enough. From a broken finger to physical and emotional abuse and cuts from the force of broken glass are not acts of love at all. Neither is being spit in the face or having liquids thrown in your face, and being kicked like dog isnt an act of love. Ain't easy for no one. It literally took me 5 years to get the courage to leave. Truly, I actually got a heavy dose of courage from falling in love with Steven Tyler and his Music. The love Steven extends to others is so amazing. Steven gave me the courage to leave my situtation. When it got to the point that my ex would destroy my works of art because maybe he couldn't really destroy me, although he got real close, was the tipping point for me. I guess I excused the abuse by telling myself how much I was in love. Being ADHD, Bi POLAR and BPD hasn't made life any easier for me either but I'm a survivor, this is why Janie's Fund is so important to me and personal. I have helped homeless young girls and others in trouble, given advice and encouragement (and money if I happen to have it) to during my trip on the road to wholeness. I'm so much happier. I'm doing the motel living thing but I'm happier now. I remember the first day I left my ex, I couldn't get enough fresh air into my lungs, the breath of freedom. I would moan with pleasure with every breath for about three weeks straight. And I remember my feet swealling with blisters so painful I had to stop walking on them. I was always hungry, and tired, and slept in gas station allies or parks for 6 mos. I ended up in the hospital. Yes, I had decided to give up the comfort of my home in order to gain a new life without abuse. You may ask me, "Was it worth it?." Yes, it was worth it, easy? No, it wasn't at all. But yes, definitely worth it. My experience with neglect and abuse was very very very bad. But I know there are girls out there in a lot worse situations and that do not how to get out or where to turn for help. It's my goal to help all abused girls with artistic talents. I can not do everthing and neither can Steven. We need your help. I chose this fund raiser bc being a mentally challanged artist is difficult. Being homeless is difficult. Being abused is difficult. Let's help those other girls that need support in so many ways. I've taken the first step. I've been on a 6 mo. journey. I tell you, you can make it, it is possible to have a happy life. My life has very high sucided variables, nothing I can do about that, but helping others helps me. Please donate to my Janie's Fund Cause. Let's help other girls live fulfilling and inspiring lives instead of neglect and abuse.

I spent time going through a trauma program at Forest View Hospital out of Grand Rapids, Mi. If you can find something like this in your area I really really suggest going through a program like this.

LOVE Bambi




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