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This Lent, Give Up for Children

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Lent ends on April 18, 2019. It is customary to give up something for lent.  Imagine it is  wine or your daily latte.  A month of wine might be $40 or even $80. A daily latte for 40 days might run $100-$120. $210 can provide education for up to 40 kids through UNICEF's School in a Box program. $24 can provide 5000 water purifcation tablets or $415 can provide a village with a water pump.. $60 can provide 2 months supply of food for one child.  At almost every giving level there is something that you can do that is life changing. For more examples, or to choose where your donation goes, please visit this link: https://www.market.unicefusa.org/inspired-gifts/

Refugee crises can only be addressed if we work to provide stability and infrastructure within their home countries.  Foreign aid funding is vital to national security and a moral imperative.

We are in the middle of a global crisis. To name a few we have children made vulnerable due to conflict in Central African Republic (CAR), Syria, Yemen and Myanmar.  There is also violence and lack of opportunity in South America. These situations create refugees trying to flee famine, abuse and certain death.  

Beginning with Syrian war refugees we began understanding that an entire generation will be lost if there is no access to education and resources.  It will take more than 20 years for Syria to be rebuilt and many of the children affected will be adults and cannot wait. Some Syrian refugees had not seen the inside of a school for five years.  Imagine the emotional and learning gaps that a child has when they do not have the structure and safety of a daily school routine.  What opportunities can a child have without access to education? This idea has spread to many other regions where lack of education, clean water, safety and food can lead to child trafficking, desperation and death.  

UNICEF, which is allowed in more countries than any other non profit, works with NGOs within the country to first negotiate safe places for children then bring clean water, nutrition, education and stability. UNICEF also uses cutting edge technology to address community health issues like Ebola outbreaks and streamline education documentation for children that are on the move. UNICEF is one of the most transparent and effective charities, with $0.89 of evern $1.00 going directly to aid. UNICEF has saved more childrens lives than any other children's organizaiton in the world. 


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2 years ago

Caroline Barlerin

Caroline Barlerin


3 years ago

Yvonne Ying

Yvonne Ying


I can give up eating out for lunch for a month and my son's after school treats to help provide nutrition for children in need 3 years ago