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In Somalia, one horrified man found guilty of stealing was put on public display like some barbaric, depraved form of entertainment as his hand was severed at the wrist and then dangled by the index finger for all to see. The reason most stole was because they were trying to provide for their families.
Amputation as legal punishment for stealing is still being practiced in a number of Muslim countries.
In a circular society, there are those amongst us without limbs. Prior to the loss of their limb, most were independent and as such; hates being dependent.
A person that has lost a limb feels incomplete; plus simmering resentment and insecurity. These feelings, in most cases put a strain on relationships; frustration starts to build. For the women involved, becoming the family breadwinner could be a one-way ticket to marriage guidance counselling.
The relentless opprobrium of social prejudice which states that men should keep their wives and not be kept by their wives makes most male Amputees to feel emasculated when no longer in control of their own finances. The ripple effect is that the immediate home is affected; then it trickles down in affecting the community and society at-large.
Because stories have a beginning, middle and end, wholeness is created from incongruent parts; they teach us that there is a place where we fit, suggesting our lives can have a plot. This story turns mere chronology, one thing after another, into the purposeful action of plot, and thereby into meaning.
The purpose of this documentary film is to underline the plight of some families; when a "Bread-winner" losses the use of a limb through a freak accident, sickness or amputation.
Why We Need Your Support
We began this project independently, and we want to remain so without a political undertone, critical or smear campaigning against a particular religion or religious beliefs.
We want to tell a compelling story; your investment will allow us to not compromise the film’s message by having to accommodate traditional funders.
We want to enter our film into high-profile festivals, but to do this we need support in the final stages of post-production.
Your support will help us tell an important story.
What Your Support Means
We need £7,000(+more) Pounds Sterling to complete the film.
The money will pay for travel costs to meet with some Amputees that are willing to share their experiences, expensive clearance rights, music rights, insurance and final post-production costs.
Your support will help us zoom in on the lives of Amputees and how; one person is connected to the other.
If one member of a family is affected, just like domino, the ripple effect goes a long way in affecting the social strata of a community.
In return for your support at the different levels, you receive exclusive benefits relating to the film which will not be available anywhere else.
Backer’s names will be listed at the end of the film as a show of appreciation.
We believe for contributing; you have a beautiful soul and will be listed on the sponsor page on our website!
We hope that every heart that reads this will be immensely touched and moved to make a contribution; rest assured every penny is very gratefully received and will aid in making a real difference.
More than anything, we require that word of mouth! Tell your friends and families about the film, about us.
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If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
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