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Give Foundation, Inc. Tax ID 02-0570370



To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India.

GIVE Foundation is a philahtropic exchange that connects people and organizations in the US with projects in India from 200+ NGOs that have been scrutinised for transparency & credibility.

The exchange helps provide total transparency and accountability in project implementation.

We follow a unique partnership model where different partners bring a lot of passion and zeal to the effort, and the cause they work on is typically their organizational mission as well. We have reviewed over 1,000 non-profit organizations from all over India to identify more than 200 organizations that have met with the Credibility Alliance's norms. They work for causes ranging from child welfare and education to disability, poverty, and women's empowerment to name a few.

What we want to achieve:

Charity is generally sporadic giving by donors when a foundation or non-profit institution approaches them. We aim to make ''giving'' a sustained commitment by fostering a relationship between charities and their donors. Along the way, we will answer questions like 
"Will my donation reach it''s destination?" 
"How was my contribution used?" 
"How can I make my contribution more effective?"

Give Foundation is working to promote the cause of giving by answering the above questions and making charity more than a 1 way street: we close the loop between donors and charities. We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. We ensure that at least 90% of your contribution reaches the organization you support (as against the average of 60% for the NGO sector).

1. Let donors know how their money is helping

2. Work with very high levels of transparency, efficiency and accountability


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Give Foundation, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 02-0570370)