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Giving bread and bread of life

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Hello estimated or estimated hope you are well and before hand I give thank you very much for taking the time to see this campaign, my name is Jorge and I am Venezuela have 25 years and despite the current situation in my country, thank God I had necessary for the support of my family as I have my wife and a baby and myself have been able to help my parents, grandparents and even friends; by the mercies of God several years ago my life was changed by the word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ which has let me repent, be born again and become a new creation gradually changed my way of thinking and acting, this change brought wonderful consequences to my life especially giving answers the main philosophical questions that at some point had: where did I come from? Who I am? Why I was born? Where I go? and all these questions are answered in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, to know me daily brought peace, joy, forgiveness, love and much more give purpose to my life.

Sadly my society or believe that global society every day is hardened to God and know the applicability terms such as kindness, compassion, generosity and unconditional love we give feel for one another, and has raised the banner of pride , vanity, pride, greed, envy and selfishness which has led to despise the needy, he is one who for various indoles now suffering on the street, in an orphanage or a nursing home.

Therefore there is a desire to make this campaign to collect funds I invest in education and a pastry shop and bakery (this means from accessories to equipment) should I buy from the most basic tools for making bread and cakes to the most complex, to be self-sustaining after his great help, open a section of retail which will give us the support and continue the project and continue to help those who need it, because it hurts to see children, youth, adults, grandparents and if anyone binning to find some food.

And worse without guidance or purpose for your life, because it is not just physical nourishment what lifts us and gives strength but is the spiritual as it is this which raises you, gives you new and genuine reasons to live pleasing to God, a life with eternal purposes. Lying if I mention that this project hunger would end in my region, country or the world but I'm sure if everyone put a great sand, we we helped to address these problems, sure everything changed, we would change a life to see and another exchange effect, so with your help pruned make a big change in life many people; The project will cover 3 main areas people who are homeless, orphans and elderly, an idea to share bread and bread of life, is placed in containers where metamos cakes, breads or donuts production a message of salvation and transformation to gradually each person can know more about God, not legalistic and religious constraints until the time comes to see their need for God, also keep track of people who enjoy more regularly our donations, to take little to be held little and according to the confidence of the people to know an art as cooking, dressmaking, painting or music, according to the disposition of the person, with this aim that the person can learn a trade that will give you sustenance what do you need.

I am requesting your support to raise this money for both studies as investing in equipment, this will allow perfect culinary skills in the area of ​​bakery, confectionery and pastries that my wife and I own, this will give us the advantage that we ourselves do work in the kitchen and juggle money on hiring at least while growing the store, but want to learn more and grow in this area of ​​gastronomy because the time and effort that skills and flavors improve, with greater confidence in the continuity project, with money several teams among these is buying: stoves, toaster, iron, counters, refrigerators and everything you need to boot from the store, (many of these things were bought for any website because here in my country are very expensive) but buy the basics to start, it would also buy raw material and accessory premises. I do not know if I'm asking a lot or little money because it was only an estimated amount, I do not want you to think I'm taking advantage of your good will; and I know many people hearted support projects with the simple and beautiful desire to help others without anything in return, but would also help I would be willing to pay compensation to a certain amount our production is to give free for an amount time breads, cakes, chocolates and all products manufactured in the store, to be enjoyed with anyone whether family, friends or strangers, of course this will depend or this agreement to your brindes help me. If God permits me I would get to the goal or full amount requested, but if for some reason not all the money will be raised I understand that the page would return, but if I leave a small part would give to a foundation that I needed it. Now not everything will be rosy because as you know my country is going through a very terrible political and economic situation to the point where many people are traveling to other countries to find food; also many equipment necessary to furnish a store are sold at a very high value which as I mentioned before, but we know that the greatest joy is not in the equipment or things, not the greatest joy is not the value of bread and gain but value give to the needy, his smile and gratitude are priceless.

To subtract against the high cost of living and shortages of products having a variety of prices I opted to resort to various industries and suppliers to help me in every situation that presents me with the raw materials and equipment.


If right now you can not help us please let them know your family and friends about this campaign , please have echo, using all social networks and tools for others to know and if you like to support us, so we can help other in various ways .

Again grateful for the help you can provide me and God bless you with repentance, forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

A hug



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