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Grameen Koota Educational Center

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Grameen Koota, a micro-finance organization in Bangalore, fights poverty in many amazing ways. Along with giving micro-loans to the ultra-poor in order to break the cycle poverty creates, Grameen Koota focuses highly on education as a method to help the poor. Teach a man to fish right?

Years of surveys paint a consistent grim picture regarding the quality of education in rural India. According to these surveys, less than 50% of the fifth graders in Indian villages were able to read even their second grade textbooks. As for the second graders, less than 25% correctly solved basic math problems. The low quality of education is largely due to monetary oppression. Either the students can't afford to go to school or the teachers simply don't show up because of low wages.

For this reason Grameen Koota works closely with Hippocampus Learning Centres ( Hippocampus provides education opportunities for children in rural Bangalore by training and employing women from the community to teach at learning centers. By working with a micro-finance organization (Grammen Koota) to build and establish these centers, Hippocampus is able to provide children with schooling for a fraction of what education cost them before.

This fundraiser is to raise $2,000 to enable Grameen Koota to build a learning center for Hippocampus. This learning center would benefit it's community in so many ways it's ridiculous not to give a small donation toward building it. By shaving off a small portion of our excess we could provide education for children, jobs for a community, and hope for the poor.

So how about it? Instead of spending $5 on the next big iphone app so that you can shoot birds at pigs, use that $5 to help punch poverty in the face!



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