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Gladney Center

Gladney Center
CROWDRISE : Feb 12, 2015
Tax ID: 75-0917409
BASED: Fort Worth, TX, United States


Creating Bright Futures

There is a sense of urgency about what we do at the Gladney Center for Adoption. We offer hope, and we create bright futures through adoption. Those we serve often say when they finally found Gladney, life was changed . . . forever. In an instant, hope began to be restored, and dreams for a brighter future began. Through your partnership, you can help create these moments and help write new chapters of life stories.

Gladney is not just a name and not just an organization. Gladney is a language of love, a global family that ties birth parents to adoptive parents, friends and donors to children, and ties all of us to a mission.

2017 marks Gladney's 130th anniversary. This is a meaningful milestone for our adoption services agency that has placed over 30,000 children with loving, caring families since 1887.

Our four key objectives are to promote and provide the loving option of adoption to well-informed expectant mothers in the U.S. who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy; prepare and assist prospective adoptive parents in completing adoption placement of a child into their families;  place into a permanent, loving family every child possible – 268 last fiscal year – whose circumstances require such an opportunity; improve in other ways the lives of the most vulnerable of these children and those who cannot be placed for adoption; and be a leading voice and advocate in the field of adoption.

By supporting Gladney’s mission of creating bright futures through adoption, you will confirm that each story in the journey of adoption is significant. Stories of expectant mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, unsure of their next steps; stories of children waiting in state foster care and international orphanages, longing for families to adopt them; and stories of couples who desire to open their homes and start or grow their families. Through your support, you will let each of them know they are not alone, and you will forever be a part of the next chapters of their lives – The Gladney Story that ties us all together.

Tax ID: 75-0917409 •


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