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CROWDRISE : Mar 15, 2015
Tax ID: 46-5768146
BASED: N Hollywood, CA, United States


GLAS Animation Mission

Our mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science of animation through education.

GLAS Animation (GLobal Animation Syndicate) is a grant program and festival run by animators for animators. GLAS dedicates its funds to independent unique, innovative, and gifted animators across the globe.

Animation is an essential part of the global art form of cinema. The medium is ever evolving and it is essential that we foster and promote the growth of the medium by both supporting artists and sharing the great works animators create with communities. While professional animation is quite visible to the general public, the fine art of independent animation is not, and is generally only experienced by animators themselves and at animation festivals in Europe. 

Our goal is to transform the way in which animation is perceived by providing the space for the creativity for growth as well as providing the public with access to these brilliant works.


GLAS Animation Festival is the first annual world class, multi-screen, competitive animation festival operating in the United States. At GLAS we have a complete competition program for shorts including a student and professional program as well as a feature competition category for independent animators. We have retrospectives, Q&A’s, behind the scene screenings and panels, installations, performances and more! GLAS Animation Festival is to take place in Berkeley, California, just a short distance away from San Francisco proper suitable for a vacation completely dedication to the art and craft of global animation.


GLAS Animation is the first grant program in the United States fully dedicated to animation. We fund gifted, innovative, and innovative animation across the country. GLAS enables independent animators to realize their visions by providing grants. We believe it is essential to provide independent animators with the resources to pursue their art, and in turn, advance not only the animation medium, but the film community and general public as a whole. Animation is a limitless and evolving medium and we aim to allow filmmakers to truly expand the scope of animation.


GLAS Animation is a registered 501(c)3 California Nonprofit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible. Proceeds go toward providing grants to filmmakers and expanding GLAS Animation as an institution available for independent establishing animation artists including an international festival. As GLAS Animation grows, we will provide a greater amount of grants to more filmmakers in addition to providing larger grants for more ambitious projects.



Tax ID: 46-5768146 •


GLAS Animation Festival

GLAS Animation Festival

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