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Glen's Angels "AT WAR WITH DRUNK DRIVERS" We help catch them and help the victims of drunk drivers.

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Dwayne Bussell founded Glen's Angels (At War With Drunk Driving) in 2010 after losing his little brother (Glen Bussell) at the age of 22 when a drunk driver hit him head on killing him just a mile from his home. Later it was discovered that at least 20 people had seen this drunk driver before he took an innocent life, not one of them reported him to the police. This prompted Dwayne Bussell to do something in hopes that no one else has to go through the horrific pain and agony that he and his family suffered and still do today. Since March 2010 Glen's Angels ventures out on the front lines to help law enforcement catch these murderers before they can kill innocent people as well as helping the victims financially that can not afford to pay the medical bills or funeral cost. In 2011 Dwayne personally helped police catch 32 drunk drivers alone. We have slowly grown as more have joined in on patrolling for and reporting suspected drunk drivers. OUR TACTICS ARE WORKING! Since Glen's Angels was formed, drunk driving in Scott County Ky. alone has dropped dramatically. BUT there are many other counties and states that need our help. Police Departments all across the country are short staffed and cannot be everywhere at once and that is where we come in. So please help us expand our mission, the life we save could be yours. None of us here at Glen's Angels are paid, we are volunteers. 100% of the money we receive goes toward our mission. Thank You For Your Support And God Bless



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