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GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER ....development for global approach and application...

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March 30, 2016

anil ghanwat , traditional herbal researcher   B. Sci, M.E.M.,  Anil Ghanwat has more than 400 innovative products to his credit, out of which  See more


anil ghanwat


GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER,, 9372050214, 8237890060, 9420571798 12/2/3 Vetal Maharaj society, Sangvi, Pune 411027, Maharashtra, Pune 411027, India.. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION/ COLLABORATION/ CROWD FUNDING/ VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDS ETC FOR DEVELOPMENT AND STABLISHMENT OF GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER Pune March 29, 2016, India. Global well being program, an social responsibility program designed, developed and being promoted by scientists, researchers, organizations, companies and volunteers. The core aspiration of this program is GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION. In the initial phase of research and development of this program we have been strongly supported by Pune based real estate business person. Under his patron and support of funds we have successfully researched and developed more than 400 innovative products, out of which more than 35 products have global monopoly importance and positioning. Such products are further promoted in the special list of GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS. GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS Wellbeing is creating , providing, doing such an act by which others get happiness, healthiness, peace of mind, all these slowly leads to in totality well being of mankind. Doing good for other’s for someone’s well being , offering and doing good for others to make others life happy, healthy, prosperous, peaceful is well being; this process when applied for the entire world’s well being becomes global well being process. Global application of well being of mankind is GLOBAL WELL –BEING. Global well being is an united approach of group, society and all those who have desire for others well being is process of well being……slowly it leads global well being. In the process of well being the sadness, sorrow, worries, tensions, hatred, all such acts starts to Devenish, and simply healthiness , happiness, peace of mind, cheerful life remains in the life of mankind. GWBP is a complex process based on scientific spirituality. In this process mankind , humanity these are centers of the global well being circle. We are group of researchers, volunteers, experts, organizations, companies working for global well being. One of group members has more than four hundred innovative herbal , ayurvedic, food supplement, nutraceuticals, feed supplement , animal , human, farm health care products to his credit . Out of which more than 36 products have global monopoly positioning. Based on this research, friends, co researchers, well-wishers; are working for GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM. The global well being program is supported and charted and governed by special charter of GLOBAL WELL BEING. The Research Company, Manufacturing Company, NGO’s, Experts, Researchers, and Volunteers are global well being group members. At present there are 18 programs under the banner of GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS. These programs are based on global monopoly exclusive research work, experience, expertise. The legal registrations and product authentications for international services and trade, is under progress. GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS: 1. GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION 2. GLOBAL ORGANIC MILKING REVOLUTION 3. GLOBAL FMD NATURAL CONTROL, CURE, PREVENTION AND ERADICATION PROGRAM 4. GLOBAL DIABETES ERADICATION PROGRAM 5. GLOBAL CARDIO CARE AND CURE PROGRAM 6. GLOBAL KIDNEYCARE AND CURE PROGRAM 7. GLOBAL OBESITY CONTROL, CUREAND ERADICATION PROGRAM 8. GLOBAL NATURAL HEALTHY LONGEVITY PROGRAM 9. GLOBAL NATURAL AND TRADITIONAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM 10. GLOBAL DE- ADDICTION PROGRAM 11. GLOBAL SPECIAL CHILDREN REHABILITATION PROGRAM 12. GLOBAL CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 13. GLOBAL EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR SUSTAINABLE HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND PROSPEROUS LIFE. 14. GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE PROGRAM 15. GLOBAL RESEARCH , EDUCATION, AND PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION IN ANIMAL HUSBANDRY 16. GLOBAL BASIC AND ADVANCED RESEARCH IN ARTS, COMMERCE AND SCIENCE 17. GLOBAL UNITY THROUGH SPORTS, CULTURE AND ARTS 18. GLOBAL FORESTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES, RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT …….. And much more to add to this list…….research is continuous process. GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION : - GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS, 12/ 2/ 3 VETAL MAHARAJ SOCIETY, SANGVI, PUNE 411027, M.S., INDIA.8237890060, 9420571798, 9372050214,,, This is our global monopoly roaring great success. Now we have stuck up with funds for global application/ operations of our global well being programs. We plan to associate with, countries, social organizations, groups , international companies, research organizations, social responsibility organizations and all those who desire for the well being of others for the global implementation of these programs. Our research and programs are ready, however for global application and services great funds are required. By this public release we are approaching to funding agencies, crowd funding companies, venture capital companies, Banks, Social organizations, donors, for the cause of funds raising for the project….THE GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM. Naturally be comfortable we are greatly open and wish for others well being…those who wish to mint money they can mint money far more than they desire. However please keep in mind that this is not fully commercial project, it’s a socio- commercial venture aspiring for global well being. The funds are required for : 1. Establishment of GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER. 2. The land requirement is estimated to be around 5000 Acres. 3. The buildings are planned for GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION program- research, training, practice, study center, etc; along with international standard hostel facilities. 4. The HQ for global well being program, office, accommodation for the office bearers, food facilities for the office bearers. 5. Research and development facilities for the present products and programs i.e. herbal food supplement, herbal remedies, herbal medicines, ayurvedic medicines, with ultramodern international manufacturing facilities. Human health care, veterinary herbal remedies this is present scope of research. Future expansion will be in perfumery, and allied biological , biotechnological products. 6. Farm land natural land and ecological perceptions for the natural herbal plants and medicinal plants, etc. 7. Farm land for growing food and vegetable and horticultural crops. 8. Schools, colleges, etc educational centers ..( international affiliations for schools, colleges, universities) ; being so the education will not for papers and degrees. But it will be an unique education. This will be with hostel, playgrounds, workshops, agricultural, electronics, science, arts, sports, yoga, health care, and all sects of educations required for human beings. 9. Residence for directors, key persons, key staff and all most all staff in one premise. The funds required will be calculated once the collaborator, associate, VC funding companies, Financers, etc comes forward for the project funding. However depending upon the situations small beginnings could also be considered. This is just a brief what we are, what we wish to offer the world and why we require funds for development and to start our ventures and services. If at all non comes forward for the purpose we are ready to sale out one or the other global monopoly research or research product. Anil Ghanwat Chief Scientist GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS 009372050214, 009420571798, 008237890060,,, Why the GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM requires great funds for its expansion, if it has its own global monopoly research as its asset? Great ventures were started on small scale, natural great rivers have starting with some drops not with the oceanic flow. The best example is the great Ganges , the river Ganges has started at its origin with a small drops at gomukh and slowly in due course of time the small currents have joined to travel further as river Ganges. At the Bay of Bengal it’s like a ocean, or sometimes one could not understands clearly which is Ganges and which is ocean. This is what nature teaches us. We have started the venture GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM just with one man army research activities long back more than 23-24 years ago, somewhat in 192-93. The aspiration and aim was constant and other most of the situations approaches have changed. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION the core program is first made concrete and firm. For this program other innovative health care activities and inventions are supplementary activities. The initial venturing money or funds were flowing through activities related to herbal research and services. In due course of time lot many friends and well wishers have supported financially. The result is we are equipped with global monopoly programs, products and means to reach the global population with meditation and other services, and programs. What is the quantum of funds are required? If we have started with single research product, and today if we are having more than 400 innovative products to our credit; and more exiting is the core of the program the meditation application for global well being is researched , developed and made easy as simple as anyone can take it to global horizons. Then why should we be fixed on certain amount of funds for certain functions or facilities. Whatever funds could be available for bare minimum formalities completion we will manage with that and the program will get flourished by virtue of its content. What are basic requirements? Small or big GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER , comprising of central office, departmental offices, research center for meditation, health care, traditional health care research and application center, herbal remedies research and manufacturing facilities center, accommodation for foundrs, researchers, and visitors and volunteers. This could be accommodated in any amount as which suits for any global project. For this global cause we are appealing to all to get involved and help us to implement GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS. The venture capital funds, crowd funding companies, individual investors, or groups are requested to associate with us.



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