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connecting women and girls to resources using the transformative power of a bike. Tax ID 20-8387372


globalbike is a not-for-profit organization that uses the transformative power of bicycles to connect women and girls in rural Tanzania with the life-saving resources they need to prosper sustainably. globalbikes enable these individuals to travel three times as far, carry five times the weight (for clean water, supplies, market goods, or even using the bike as an ambulance), and visit three to four times as many community members in a day.

We have just completed our business plan for the next five years building on what the African community has shown us through their business model of bike rental businesses, bike shops and repair outfits.  Our impact has gone beyond helping women and children access basic needs to giving them a tool to prosper financially.  This next phase of globalbike has led us to seek greater awareness and ultimately funding opportunities to support this growth.

Thanks so much for supporting us!