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Global Birthing Home Foundation

Global Birthing Home Foundation
CROWDRISE : Mar 09, 2012
Tax ID: 41-2156522
BASED: Leawood, KS, United States



Our mission is to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in impoverished communities.

Breaking the barriers which poverty erects to health will require multiple strategies.  We are focusing on three goals:

1. Accessibility
Maison de Naissance is accessible, not only by its location immediately in the rural community it serves, but also because of its character. The ambiance of the Maison de Naissance is culturally appropriate, welcoming and friendly – in keeping with the hospitality of a home rather than the potentially intimidating image of a medical center. All services are free, because even the least financial expectation would be a deterrent to preventative care and early treatment of problems.

2. Quality
Maison de Naissance emphasizes wellness and preventative care while also providing essential services such as family planning, prenatal and postnatal education, obstetrical care, newborn medical care, social services, and spiritual support. Quality is measured by the competence and compassion of our healthcare team, and also by outcome monitoring and improvement processes.  

3. Resources
Haiti is a resource poor country.  Financial support and educational programs are bringing resources to where they are desperately needed.  Internet communication and information access are connecting healthcare providers in Haiti with the resources of medical centers and specialists in the United States. Integration of essential health services with community programs for health, education, and economic development promises to transform this community. Resources now mean new opportunities for the generation of babies born at Maison de Naissance.

Tax ID: 41-2156522 •


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