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Global Eye Care, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization campaigns for unnecessary blindness prevention and cure, provides free vision services and eye surgery for the needy, and free diabetes epidemic prevention and cure awareness to preserve life and good vision for all. Tax ID 06-1529394


~~Global Eye Care goes to various developing countries with volunteer eye surgeons to teach and perform surgeries at local/teaching hospitals. Volunteer Ophthalmologists from around the world especially Europe, North and South America give their time and skills in any of the countries where we do eye missions and contact us specifying which country they want to visit. They give us three months notice before the travel date so that Global Eye Care will have ample time to arrange with the local ophthalmologists to make the visit helpful and rewarding. Global Eye Care is aware of the fact that most volunteer ophthalmologists prefer to choose time periods that are convenient to their personal schedule.
Special Events Global Eye Care participates in a number of special events and missions in the developing countries. Our Volunteer eye surgeons teach and perform surgeries at these events.
.The Chance to Make a Difference
“Dr. Ezekwo spent three years accumulating research on the effect of poor eye care in underprivileged areas here and in developing countries. The result of this research led to a commitment to improve eye care delivery in the world. Over the years, Dr. Ezekwo has experienced how the needy will seek good care if it is available to them, will care for themselves if shown how, and go on to become productive citizens of the world.”
Global Eye Care, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, is bringing vision services to developing countries. But your help is crucial. Global Eye Care is equipping and renovating teaching hospitals and building clinics with modern equipment to educate ophthalmologists. Local ophthalmologists are being educated with diagnostic and state-of-the-art techniques to reduce the years of backlog of cataracts and glaucoma. Also, eye care outreach clinics are being built and manned by ophthalmologists. Volunteer ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, and technicians from the USA and all over the world devote time to teach and perform surgery for at least two to four weeks. With your participation and commitment, we will continue to make this happen.
Millions of people around the world desperately need vision care. In America, vision centres with state-of-the-art technology are easily accessible. However, in developing countries, most facilities don't have the proper diagnostic equipment, the necessary medications, or enough practitioners to adequately heal those in dire need. With this in mind, Dr. Ezekwo, founder of Global Eye Care, decided to spearhead a change in the way people of developing countries are treated as eye care patients. Dr. Ezekwo has firsthand knowledge of the inadequate facilities in developing countries. With her expertise and desire, she felt impassioned to pioneer a change. "The inadequate number of ophthalmologists, facilities, and equipment in developing countries stunned me. I knew I had to make a commitment to myself and others to better their vision," explains Dr. Ezekwo.
And Now That Dream is Becoming a Reality
One of Global Eye Care's primary goals is to provide more comprehensive training for local ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, and technicians in developing countries. As a result of such training, and outreach programs, the local people will become more educated about eye care. For example, they will learn the importance of wearing sunglasses, and people will stop suffering from unnecessary blindness due to glaucoma and cataracts. Since eyeglasses are a luxury, Global Eye Care also has a program to distribute donated glasses to eye care centres.
It's critical to have access to the medications that can heal diseases such as glaucoma, trachoma, and river blindness. But such drugs are extremely scarce in developing countries -- even saline solution and artificial tears are in great demand. Global Eye Care provides these medications to better serve the people of developing countries. Nobody deserves neglect.
Global Eye Care is committed to providing eye care services throughout countries in need.
With your help and dedication, Global Eye Care will be able to continue to:
• Distribute equipment, supplies, instruments, meditations, journals, books, and computers donated by organizations, foundations, companies, and individual ophthalmologists.
• Gather monetary donations to help daily operations.
• Prepare and distribute educational materials about eye care to the locals.
• Form local boards of ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals to run the centres.
The goal is to have eye centres functioning on their own within two to five years and to establish other centres throughout the world. Ophthalmic nurses and technicians will be trained to assist the ophthalmologists, maintain equipment, and keep the clinics thriving. Remember, none of this can happen without you.
Did You Know?
In the United States there is one ophthalmologist for every ten thousand people. In developing areas such as some parts of the African continent, the ratio is one ophthalmologist for every one million people. Using Africa as an example, here is why Global Eye Care's work is so vital:
1. The ratio of ophthalmologists to population is 1:1 million.
2. One of every 100 people in Africa is affected by blindness.
3. River blindness affects approximately 500,000 Africans.
4. More than half of the African people have engaged in warfare.
5. Millions are bilaterally blind from cataracts.
6. Vitamin A deficiency and general malnutrition are the prime causes of blindness in children.
7. Land mines contribute to blindness in Africans.

Prevention or Delay of Diabetes
• Progression to diabetes among those with pre-diabetes is not inevitable. Studies have shown that people with pre-diabetes who lose weight and increase their physical activity can prevent or delay diabetes and even return their blood glucose levels to normal.
• In the Diabetes Prevention Program, a large prevention study of people at high risk for diabetes, lifestyle intervention reduced the development of diabetes by 58 percent over 3 years. The reduction was even greater, 71 percent, among adults aged 60 years or older.
• Interventions to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in individuals with pre-diabetes can be feasible and cost-effective. Research has found that lifestyle interventions are more cost-effective than medications
Change the World Today
“We want a membership that numbers in the millions if we are going to impact a world with over seven billion people”
Please take the time to be a part of Global Eye Care. Donate your time to become a volunteer. Contribute to Global Eye Care's fund-raising efforts. Become an investor in the organization. Give equipment and medication. Do what you can to make a difference. Your help does matter to the many people who need better vision.
Without charity, our lives are empty. The satisfying aspect of giving time or money to an organization in need reminds us of how we can change lives. Be a part of Global Eye Care, and heal others of their vision problems.
Your membership is important to us and it is free, please sign up here.............   We keep you informed about what is going on at Global Eye Care and our activities and regular information on how to prevent blindness and diabetes and share our monthly online newsletter with you. You can make a difference. Make us millions strong in membership; spread the word about diabetes and blindness prevention
For more information, please contact Global Eye Care today: e-mail us at Visit our website at
If you're donating bulky equipment, Global Eye Care can arrange a pickup... or please mail the donations both in-kind and money  to P.O. Box 1002, Tenafly, New Jersey, 07631
Calendar of Events
Continuous Events
Monthly tele-seminar events and blog talk radio events. Check with us monthly for dates and times.
Monthly Diabetes Awareness  workshops
Special Events
Global Eye Care participates in a number of special events in the developing countries. Volunteer eye surgeons are needed to teach and perform surgeries at these events.
Local Board of Ophthalmologists Meetings and Seminars
Global Eye Care representatives will meet with the local boards of ophthalmologists
and hold seminars in various regions of Africa and developing countries. We will notify you of these events as they occur.
We exhibit in various professional medical meetings, workshops and conferences around the country and the world. If you want to sponsor one of our exhibitions, let us know and we will promptly send you the information on how to help us. Thank you
Please check back for new exhibition dates and locations
If you are interested in learning more about Global Eye Care or would like to make a contribution, e-mail us at Visit our website at
We can issue a value receipt to you if you need one. Just let us know. You can also send tax-deductible contributions and in-kind donations to:
Global Eye Care, Inc.
P.O. Box 1002
Tenafly, New Jersey, 07670