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CROWDRISE : Sep 13, 2010
Tax ID: 91-2154834
BASED: Culver City, CA, United States


GlobalGirl Media

GlobalGirl Media (GGM) develops the voice and media literacy of teenage girls and young women in under-served communities by teaching them to create and share digital journalism designed to ignite community activism and social change.

GlobalGirl Media grew out of a coalition of women broadcasters and journalists from around the world who recognized that much mainstream reporting focuses on flash points of violence, celebrity or disaster, while the everyday experience and voice of the invisible majority, particularly young women, passes silently under the radar. With the explosion of social media networking and user-generated content on the web, the fact remains that this media is only open to those who have access to these technologies, leaving many youth, especially young girls in at-risk or impoverished communities, falling hard into the digital divide.

We seek to address this disparity by supplying the equipment, education and support necessary to help young women become digital and blog journalists, bringing their own unique perspective on their lives, their communities and world events to the global web and social media community.


Tax ID: 91-2154834 •


Super Teenage Reporters In Need Of Equipment

Super Teenage Reporters In N…

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