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We are a non profit organization (501 c3) , our purpose is prepare christian ministers ,pastors ,missionaries ,and any other call by God ...for free . O $ for them. Tax ID 45-2789911


Our goal is to prepare students for free in USA and online around the world, we are only funded by donations .
We believe it is possible to prepare those called to serve without having to charge them with difficult sums to pay, we believe that if this is from of God, God will move the hearts of those who wish to help others in their calling.
Our dream is to one day open a free Christian Biblical Institute in each U.S. state 
Our statement of faith is the Baptist faith message 2000

Visit our web site 
Our founder and director is Pastor Mario Alsina , he is a Church planter in Nevada (He start 2 Southern Baptist churches)

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If you want references of our director, we could provide , just ask

God bless you , and thank you for your love and help.