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It is out mission to recover leftover paint from businesses and residences, reprocess it and distribute it to vulnerable individuals and families in developing countries around the world. Tax ID 45-3609312


Is to recover leftover paint from businesses and residences, reprocess it and distribute it to vulnerable individuals and families in developing countries around the world.

GPC is a non-profit  organization incorporated in the State of Georgia.  Its mission is to collect leftover architectural paint from residents and businesses nationwide for use in global housing rehabilitation projects, including homes, schools, hospitals, orphanages and churches for vulnerable families in developing countries.  GPC's work is grouped into four categories: (1) collection of paint donations, (2) transportation and storage of paint donations, (3) consolidation and repackaging, and (5) distribution.  Each activity is summarized below.


GPC partners with other organizations in Georgia, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Home Depot, and Sherwin Williams, which accept and hold paint until it is collected by GPC.  GPC volunteers stop by these Georgia partnership locations once or twice a month to pick up paint that has been donated.  GPC periodically holds donation drives at local schools, businesses, churches, corporate buildings, and waste management agencies.  GPC typically collects between 3,000 and 12,000 gallons of paint per drive.


Transportation and Storage:  After paint is collected, it is transported to another location for storage and consolidation.  Occasionally, GPC volunteers may rent a mid-size truck in special cases where a relatively large amount of paint needs to be moved, but in most cases paint is transported using the personal vehicles of GPC volunteers.  The table below lists all the locations where GPC currently leases space for paint storage and consolidation in Georgia. 

Consolidation and Repackaging: After collection and transportation, all donated latex paint is inspected, sorted, and mixed with latex paint of the same color to achieve the desired quantity and then is transferred to five-gallon plastic containers.The work required for GPC's mission is performed entirely by the organization's volunteers.  GPC does not have any employees.  No one receives monetary compensation or any other type of compensation from GPC.


According to Roughly 60% of the latex paint it receives is appropriate for consolidation and reuse.  Latex paint that is not suitable for reuse is kept in storage until it can be disposed of properly.  When possible, GPC hires a company to recycle its empty latex-paint containers.  Although GPC has a policy of not accepting dried-out cans of latex paint, it does occasionally encounter dried-out cans that were overlooked in the collection process.  




Distribution: GPC's final product is donated to non-profit groups, missionary groups for renovations at orphanages, schools, colleges, veterans' homes, and to property owners in need all around the world.  GPC estimates that 75% of the paint is shipped overseas, while 25% is re-donated to local residents for community projects at no charge.  For overseas donations, GPC has occasionally needed to arrange and pay for international shipping of paint on its own in the absence of another organization to handle those costs.  However, GPC's goal for the future is to partner with more NGOs, church groups, and other organizations that can arrange and pay for international shipping without assistance from GPC. Every year, many NGO's and missionary groups take several trips to build or renovate houses, schools, clinics, orphanages and provide hope to millions of orphans, HIV/AIDS patients, children and families building houses in developing countries. By partnering with the Global Paint for Charity to obtain free paint for their programs could become a win win to everyone.  




GPC works closely with its distribution partners, missionary churches, charitable organizations, and U.S. government agencies operating in developing countries to manage the distribution of paint.  It seeks out organizations that have a proven track record of successfully getting the paint to the vulnerable populations, distributing it properly, and being able to handle the responsibilities of a paint project.  GPC requires its distribution partners to document how they distribute the paint and to provide testimonials and before/after pictures of the houses that were painted and families who received the paint whenever possible.  So far, GPC has donated paint for projects in Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ghana and Uganda.


 Plans for Future Growth:  Although GPC currently relies exclusively on volunteer labor, the organization aims to one day have funding for paid staff.  One day GPC also hopes to offer consolidated paint for sale in the United States at low cost.  Students from Georgia Tech have partnered with GPC to design a machine that can process the paint. GPC is currently working to raise the $95,000 it will cost to build the machine. Once the machine is obtained, GPC estimates that it will be able to make 3,000 gallons of paint per day.


Global Paint has established the Free Paint Donation Programs to help those in needs. However, the work required for GPC's mission is performed entirely by the organization's volunteers. GPC does not have any employees. No one receives monetary compensation or any other type of compensation from GPC. Please make a donation today. Based on the amount you donate our programs will succeed, and every dollar contribution will help!


It would be appreciated if you would fill out the Free Paint Donation Form and indicate the amount of paint you will need for your project. 


GPC Will Support the Following Programs

  • Leftover Paint Collection Nationwide

  • Housing Rehabilitation Project for Homeless Centers, Local Schools, Stadiums  and Parks here and Abroad (Family Homes, Orphanages, Recreational Centers for Women and Homeless).

  • Renovation of Libraries, Schools, Churches, Basketball and Soccer Stadiums,

  • Repainting/Painting the Sidewalks and Dividing Lanes on the Roads.

  • Housing Rehabilitation Projects for Veterans

Global Paint Will Take the Following Items: 

  • Latex Paint: Interior and exterior latex paint, 

  • Water based paint, Flat, Gloss, Semi-Gloss etc 

  • Oil Paint: Interior and exterior oil based paint, New/unopened containers only.


Global Paint Won't Take the Following Items:

  • Paint Thinners, Stains, Dry Paint, Spackle,

  • Opened oil paint cans,

  • Rusted Cans of Paint with less than 25% of Wet Paint.


Improve access of high quality paints to vulnerable populations around the world. Nearly 2.5 billion people in developing countries live on less than $2 a day for them paint is very expensive. In these settings, it is very difficult for families to secure sufficient income for their basic needs such as food, medicine, water, clothes, school supplies, and shelter. When making consumption choices that involve spending on these goods there is nothing left to spend on paint.